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Are You Getting ‘Emojinal’ Over the House of Fraser Twitter Account?

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If you’ve been on Twitter today you might have noticed that #Emojinal is trending. If you read more into the hashtag you’ll discover that it’s all started from strange tweets made up of emojis from the retail giant, House of Fraser Twitter account (@houseoffraser).

These strange posts include pictures of celebrities such as Harry Styles, John Terry and Kanye West.

Emojinal Examples:

Now, we know that brands are always looking for bigger and better ways to market themselves on social media but this bizarre campaign from House of Fraser seems to have backfired as many people are wondering whether they’ve been hacked or not.

The profile picture of the House of Fraser account has even been changed to the house emoji and their head image says emojinal made up of all different emojis.


This tweet was posted by them which confused many of their Twitter followers into thinking they were being hacked:

Until it was quickly changed to a tweet including an emoji instead:

However, apparently a spokesperson for the store said: “We wanted to try something less traditional for Valentine’s Day this year in order to engage with a younger audience”.

They’re also planning on running this emoji campaign for 2 weeks.  So who knows how well this will turn out for them? They are getting LOTS of attention because of it though so it can’t all be bad news.

Let us know what you think about this marketing campaign by either leaving a comment below or by tweeting us at @TeamTillison!

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