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Facebook Marketing Essentials


If you are still hesitant about Facebook Marketing, this post will help you understand the Facebook marketing essentials.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Fact! More than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared very week via its 900,000,000 users. 77% of consumers interact with brands using Facebook and 75% of  global buyers are likely to use Social Media to purchase products in the future.

Are you starting to see now why you should be getting involved?

Facebook can provide your business with unparalleled access to engage with and grow your audience of potential clients. To help you understand how to go about this we have created a list of 10 ways to make Facebook work for you.

1. Facebook is Free to use

Facebook business pages are free so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it. Setting up a fan page for your company is easy and if you read on you’ll find out how to make it popular!

2. Images Help on Facebook

You need to upload a profile picture – your company logo would be perfect for this. Images draw the eye and if your logo is familiar people will be drawn to it based on that fact.

3. Tell Them You’ve Arrived on Facebook

If your company has a mailing list then why not drop everyone on it a line telling them to ‘Like’ you on Facebook? Inform them that you will be using it as a platform to keep them up to date with offers and new products. In addition add your Facebook address to the footer on your email, this will drive new contacts to discover you.

4. Share the Information

If you regularly update your website with blog posts or new products, be sure to post links to these pages on your Facebook page as well. Not only will this help improve your Google standing it will also redirect people to your website.

5. Be Real on Facebook

Facebook isn’t often the platform for the hard sell, instead it works on the premise of personalisation, familiarity and trust. Make fans of your site feel at home there, talk about the weather, industry news and share office tales to make them feel a part of your business.

The soft sell is much more effective through Facebook – the aim is to create a relationship between yourself and your user.

6. Interesting Content

The more interesting content you post on your page the more likely it is to get shared by your users and the greater the number of people are likely to see it.

Photos, videos, links to audio are all likely to draw the eye of your users and encourage them to tell their friends if they find it captivating, funny or informative. The more your posts are shared the greater the number of people who aren’t your fans will see it and potentially convert into being your fan.

7. Let Facebook Do the Hard Work

Continuously updating Facebook can be a time consuming process, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Facebook offers an inexpensive advertising plan which would mean your adverts are shown alongside Facebook or in the Facebook newsfeed If you are looking to boost your audience, this maybe an option for you.

8. Make Friends

Whilst we aren’t suggesting you ‘like’ your competitors pages (that would be a silly move) why not extend your network by liking pages of people who are linked to your industry. Sharing an audience would be mutually beneficial. For example, if you make garden furniture, like pages created by companies who sell barbecues, outdoor swimming pools, sheds or supply fish for ponds…..do you see what I mean?

9.  Like all good things, it’s all about the quality

Posting 50 times a day with messages like ‘Hello’ or ‘ Have you seen this, have you seen that’ will turn customers off.

To keep your Facebook users engaged make sure that it is the quality of your posts that dazzles them not the number you post in a day. Good quality posts are a reflection of the quality of your company and will interest users rather than scare them away.

10. Interact, it is ‘Social’ Media After All

Generating a page and filling it full of content is great but the best way to make an impression on users is to interact with them. If someone asks you a question, answer. If someone posts something you find interesting, comment on it. If you are looking for input regards a new product or are looking for advice as to what would make a good competition prize, ask them. Interaction will make users feel appreciated and included. That’s what we all want isn’t it?

Whilst this isn’t a step by step guide to joining Facebook and how to generate the biggest audience, it should help you to understand how an audience is grown and nurtured and how in turn this will generate sales.

We hope you found these Facebook marketing essentials helpful, try the following for more Facebook Marketing tips:

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