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How Facebook Custom Audiences Work

Facebook Custom Audiences - Tillison Consulting

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In this episode of the T-Time show, Mark discusses the Facebook Custom Audiences feature with Pay per Click Specialist, Liam Ingram. Together, they explore and explain:

The Facebook Custom Audiences Feature

0:34. Liam begins by explaining that Facebook Custom Audiences can be created in a number of different ways and are typically lists of users which can be specifically targeted using Facebook ad campaigns.

Examples of Facebook Custom Audiences

3:30. There are many different types of Custom Audiences depending on the goals of the advertiser. Liam explains that remarketing lists are as powerful a tool on Facebook as they are on Google AdWords.

Facebook Custom Audiences Retargeting

Audience remarketing or retargeting is a strategy which allows a website owner to place a tag on web pages. The retargeting script then tags visitors to the website, adding those users to a remarketing list. That list can then be used to target ads on Facebook.

Smaller advertisers may only want to create one retargeting audience of visitors, whereas sites with higher volumes of visitors may wish to segment those audiences into smaller chunks to focus specific ads at more specific segments of the audience. For example, ads could be shown to visitors to an eCommerce store, but who did not make a purchase. Audiences who visited a particular section of a website for certain products or services could be targeted with ads relevant to that content.

Facebook Custom Email Audiences

Facebook allows advertisers to upload CSV files of email addresses, matching those users with it’s own database and allowing advertisers to target those users with ads on Facebook too.

This is also a tremendously powerful feature. Advertisers could upload an entire email list, or if the email list is segmented into different interest or purchase categories, separate lists could be uploaded to Facebook, each targeted with ads relevant to their interests or products they’d bought.

Facebook Custom Audience Size Limits

For privacy reasons, you’ll need at least 100 active Facebook users in your Custom Audience. This is to prevent advertisers from gaining Internet usage behaviour about any specific individual – that would be a gross invasion of privacy, right?

There is no limit on the maximum number of users that you can include in your Custom Audience, but only 10,000 can be uploaded at any one time. If you’ve that many users in your list, it is fairly likely that your list would be segmented in some way.

There is also a limit of 10,000 custom audiences available in your Facebook ads account too. How on earth you’d manage more than that isn’t worth considering!

How to Create Facebook Custom Audiences

9:06. In the Facebook Ads Manager, access the “Audiences” section in the navigation. From here, advertisers can select, “Custom Audiences”, “Lookalike Audiences” or “Saved Target Group”.

Working through the process, Facebook will provide a pixel for remarketing which should be added to the appropriate pages on the advertiser’s website.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

13:30. Any Facebook Custom Audiences can be extended to “lookalike” audiences. Facebook analyses the data in your Custom Audience and creates an audience for you, including users who have similar interests, ages, genders and so forth.

Like Google’s “Similar Audiences” in AdWords, Lookalike Audiences extend the reach of your campaigns, targeting users who should also be interested in your content or offer. Targeting those users in separate campaigns is recommended, allowing analysis and ROI to be calculated independently of your custom audience. A good strategy might be to make a slightly different offer or use slightly different language in your posts or ads to this audience – remembering that this is likely to be their first interaction with your brand.

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