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Social Media Letter To Santa

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bannerDear Santa,

2013 has been an inspiring and innovative year for Social Media, but would it be possible in 2014 to grant me a few little wishes? I have been very good (apart from the excessive biscuit eating, but I’m sure you’ll let me off…..)


    • Please could you make LinkedIn less about ‘pitching’ and more about ‘pitching in’? Let’s unite small businesses, support each other and grow together. Also, lighten up a bit. Business maybe the name of the game but boy can it be boring sometimes.
    • Could you make it so more people in the UK were on Google+? I know I fought it for a while, but Google+ is growing on me and I would love, in training, to be able to enthuse about communities and actually have great examples to reference. It’d be great if every business had a voice rather than just us technology types who seem have to discovered the gloriousness of Google+.
    • Quick one…. I’d like to be able to LIKE other businesses as a Business page on Facebook. Think of how much networking could be achieved?
    • This might be more tricky…. Could you ask Twitter very kindly to stop showing 1/3rd of images automatically? You’ve spoilt the surprise. Back in the day tweets with links in them had an 86% chance of being clicked, humans are nosey, let us be nosey, we like it!
    • The gift of a good reporting tool would be fab, I don’t care who makes it, I’d just like it to be easy to use, cover all platforms and NOT break!


If these are too much to ask for I would happily take any of the following as alternatives.

    • Calorie Free biscuits
    • Guilt Free Cake
    • My own minion from Despicable Me, Stewart preferably…..
    • Oh…..and a bigger desk!
    • Thank you in advance!

Vicki Hemmings (Age 29…just)


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