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Team Tillison donates items to Ukraine Charity

Tillison - Ukraine Charity

Here at Tillison, we came together as a team to round up some donations to send over to the refugees of Ukraine. With victims of the Ukraine bombings losing their houses and having to flee the country, here at Tillison we decided to do our bit and donate blankets, toiletries, food and warm clothing.

Our donations were given to Stella’s Voice, a local Waterlooville charity who are currently accepting donations for a Ukraine charity to help refugees who have fled Moldova. Over 103,000 people have fled their homes found refuge there and they could use as much help as they can get.  

As well as donating well-needed supplies to the local charity, our team also donated £60 cash which will help buy additional food and clothing for the victims.

How can you help?

If you have any items you aren’t using or wish to buy items to help the cause, these essential items are welcomed at Stella’s Voice. If you wish to make a paid donation instead then follow then click here. If you are able to donate it could be a big help to those currently in need of it.

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