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November Round-Up

November Round-Up

November is ordinarily a month of bonfires, fireworks and hot chocolate. As with everything else in 2020, it has been drastically different this year. But what hasn’t changed is Team Tillison.

This month we’ve shared more Google Shopping tips, shown how you can improve user experience in a few easy steps, and asked how you can use Google’s People Also Ask for content creation.

As we enter the festive season, Tillison Consulting is still open as usual despite the pandemic and lockdown. Our specialists are working from home where possible, but no compromises are being made on the quality of our services.

While we wait on vaccines and lockdown restrictions to be eased, we hope you stay safe and keep your spirits up.

Google Shopping tips

Optimising your Google Shopping campaigns doesn’t have to be difficult. Making sales on Google is actually much simpler than you think.

Here are nine ways to supercharge your campaigns and give your eCommerce store the boost it deserves.

Moustaches and Movember

Remember, remember, it’s the month of Movember!

This month some of the men of Team Tillison have been growing their ‘staches and beards in the name of charity.

All donations towards the cause are welcomed, and if you’re unable to donate, sharing on social media is greatly appreciated.

The million-dollar questions

If you’ve searched for anything on Google lately, you’ll have noticed the People Also Ask boxes. They provide nifty answers without you having to leave the SERPs.

But did you know you can use these for content creation? Find out how on the Tillison blog.

Quick wins

User experience isn’t something you should forget about. It’s one of the most important factors when building a website.

We’ve put together five ways you can quickly improve your user experience and boost your conversion rate. No more excuses – the time to make changes is now.

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