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May 2021 Round-Up

may 2021 round-up

Is it just us or has May gone by in a flash? Perhaps it’s a reflection on how busy life at Tillison has been throughout the month. Maybe it’s because the UK roadmap out of lockdown continues to plough ahead at full speed. It’s with that news that Team Tillison now feel safe to get back in the office – with regular COVID tests, temperature checks and social distancing.

So in a month that’s seen the value of Cryptocurrency of plummet, a different kind of football season finish and Eurovision, what have we been up to? The UK may have scored zero points, but rest assured the team at Tillison Consulting has continued to deliver fantastic results for our clients.

We’ve also produced some awesome content, read on to find out.

Like anything, web design trends come and go. It’s always fun to try and predict what we believe is going to be ‘in’ for the year – and that’s exactly what we’ve done for 2021.

The design for your website is key. After all, it’s the online shop window for your business nowadays.

Some common themes we’ve identified include clay style, neumorphism, asymmetric layouts and dark mode. What others do we think will be prominent this year? Find out in our blog.

Remember, we’re a web design agency so get in touch today if you need help designing a new website.

Oh no! Products unavailable!

Selling products online is the heart and soul of every eCommerce store – but what do you do when you’re out of stock? For the most part, it’s an unavoidable scenario and if it’s not handled correctly it will have a hugely negative impact on user experience and search engine rankings.

Luckily we’ve put together a helpful guide to get you through the situation. This includes displaying product status clearly, directing users to related products and how to display your category pages. Visit our blog to discover some more useful tips.

What are internal links? You may be surprised to know that it’s one of the most crucial practices in SEO. So how can it boost your position in the search engine results?

In our latest T-Time With Tillison, our specialist Emily Walton delves into what internal links are, why you should be optimising them for SEO, as well as all of the dos and don’ts.

Don’t forgot, at Tillison Consulting, we’re experts in SEO. So if you’re looking to increase your search rankings, get in touch today!

Big news from Google Analytics

Google Analytics – the cookie-less monster? Well, that’s certainly the news coming from the search giant.

With a continued emphasis on user privacy, it will no longer use cookies and focus more on machine learning.

So what does this mean for Google Analytics users? Our news story does a full deep dive, with everything you need to know.

WordPress turns 18!

We love WordPress – and we’re experts in it!

This month saw the platform turn 18. Did you know it now supports over 40% of the web?

Perhaps you’re looking to move to the platform? You’ll need a helping hand from our WordPress web design experts. So get in contact today!

May-ry Christmas! 🎄😎

With the absence of our annual Christmas shenanigans back in December, we decided to get festive…in the middle of May. Quizzes, charades, crackers, chocolates and wine all made an appearance as Team Tillison kicked back and relaxed!

What’s next?

Despite the weather telling us otherwise, Summer is coming up! So what about the digital marketing world? Well, we’re going to be hard at work, preparing for the Core Web Vitals update coming in June (hopefully).

We also look forward to welcoming some new starters to the team! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for all of the latest news in digital marketing and Team Tillison!

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