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Session Quality in Google Analytics: T-Time with Tillison

Session Quality in Google Analytics - Tillison Consulting

Session Quality is an exciting new feature in Google Analytics which, if used correctly, could have some big benefits for your business.

In the latest edition of our T-Time show, Mark Tillison takes you through how to access and analyse the session quality report, what the requirements are to make this feature work on your site and how you can use session quality data to create an audience for your remarketing campaigns.

In this Google Analytics T-Time show:

  1. What is Session Quality in Google Analytics?
  2. Requirements for Eligibility
  3. Accessing the Analytics Session Quality Report
  4. Analysing Session Quality Data
  5. Using Session Quality Data for Remarketing Audiences

What is Session Quality in Google Analytics?

(00:40) With this new feature, Google is deciding which user sessions are of better quality than others. This is defined by how close the users in those sessions were to making a conversion.

The sessions are then effectively given a score and this allows you to segment and analyse them in Google Analytics.

Requirements for Eligibility

(01:06) According to Google’s online help, you need to be an eCommerce store to be eligible for session quality data in Google Analytics. You also need to have Google Analytics eCommerce tracking configured properly – a lot of eCommerce stores do not have correctly configured tracking implemented.

Google has also stated that you need a minimum of 1,000 transactions in the last 30 days to be eligible for session quality data. However, we have tested this feature on accounts with nowhere near that amount of transactions and it still works, which implies that Google are not being so strict on this requirement.

Accessing the Analytics Session Quality Report

(02:04) To access the report for session quality in Google Analytics, head to the Audience section of your account and click on Behaviour in the sidebar. If your account is eligible, you will find the Session Quality option in the Behaviour drop-down menu.

Analysing Session Quality Data

(02:19) The report will present you with the headline data first – the total number of sessions, the number of sessions with transactions as well as the number of session without – before going into the session quality. Sessions of poor quality are given a score of 1, while sessions of the highest quality are scored between 51 and 100.

You can break this data down further as usual in Google Analytics, and filter it by Display, Paid Search, Organic Search, Social and so on. If you want, you can also create a session quality segment and run reports against it.

Using Session Quality Data for Remarketing Audiences

(03:15) The most exciting element of session quality in Google Analytics is the opportunity to use session quality data to create an audience which you can use for remarketing across Display or YouTube, as well as remarketing lists for Search (RLSA).

This means that you can adjust your bids on Search or Google Shopping if users with a session quality greater than 20, for example, because any users with a higher session quality score were much closer to completing a transaction.

(03:58) Click on Admin in the sidebar and select Audience Definitions under the Property columns. This will present a drop-down menu where you need to click Audiences, where you will have the option to create a new audience.

In the advanced settings of your Audience Builder, you need to select Session Quality in the Ad Content drop-down and then specify your value – whether that’s equal to a number, greater than a number, lesser than a number and so on. Finally, just give the audience an appropriate name and you’re good to go.

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