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Getting Organic Search Data From Analytics

If you’ve been despondent since Google’s encryption removed most of the searched terms from Analytics, then this may help to cheer you up a little.

There is a report available in Google Analytics which allows you to get some Organic Search term data if you connect to your Webmaster Tools account.

Getting organic search data from Analytics can be done very simply by logging in to Google Analytics account, then clicking the Admin button.

  • Pick the property you wish to connect then All Products under Product Linking
  • Find Webmaster Tools, then follow the instructions (You will need to have admin access to Webmaster Tools with the same email address)
  • With these connected you can now access the report you want under Acquisition > SEO > Queries

The report shows you how many searches have seen your pages rank, in what position and which search term.

This gives you invaluable insights into what keyword phrases you are already ranking for and so help you choose new keywords for your site.

Unfortunately, there is no way to link this data to your conversions, but it’s a step in the right direction.  This informative video on Google Analytics Basics may help you further.

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