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SEO Trends That Influence Your Content Results

SEO trends that influence your content results

Studying the SEO trends that influence your content results is difficult because of how often the internet changes. Google’s constantly evolving search algorithm has so much impact on your website’s success, which is why we are constantly tracking every change and that is what makes our SEO Audit so special. We will fill you in on everything you’re missing including how to optimise content better.

These are five trends you can capitalise on today to improve the results of your website’s content.

Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP, is a project from Google and Twitter that sets out to optimise the internet browsing experience on all mobile devices. In doing so, it reads from a simplified version of the HTML and CSS that your content is already composed of. Websites optimised for AMP are being given greater boosts on search engine results pages.

The AMP optimisation process is straightforward. Your site’s HTML and CSS will need to be reorganised in an unfamiliar way, but Google Chrome comes with tools that simplify the process. If you are one of the millions of people using a CRM like WordPress, this process is even easier. WordPress has a downloadable AMP plugin that makes all your optimisations for you.

When all pages of your site have versions optimised for AMP, your content itself will have more room to impact your search rankings.

SEO Trends That Influence Your Content Results - Tillison Consulting

When you enter a query on Google and the first result appears in a box on the top of the page, you have encountered a featured snippet. Though many people assume this information is provided directly by Google, a third-party website is always responsible. Google simply chooses the most credible source and displays it upfront as a quick and accurate answer. This is also the case with the answers in the People Also Ask box.

Landing a featured snippet is an arduous process, but the benefits are clear. Your website will be viewed as a top authority in its field.

To earn a featured snippet, you must analyse the popular keywords and questions in your field. Once you know the questions most people are asking, create content that answers those questions directly. This is certainly not a quick path to the top, but creating this type of content for your website will increase both its ranking and its value.

Longer content

SEO Trends That Influence Your Content Results - Tillison Consulting
(Image Source: Backlinko)

In the age of text slang and Twitter, many SEO experts have proclaimed long-form content dead. The average internet surfer is unwilling to hunker down and read a 2,000-word article.

Mysteriously, search engine results pages tell a wildly different story. For most search queries, the top ten results are websites that average over 2,000 words per article. People on social media – a venue that can make you famous overnight – are more likely to share long-form content.

As with everything else, long-form articles will have better results after content optimisation. Get to your point quickly and provide subheadings that make the content easy to skim. Also, never underestimate the value of adding relevant pictures and videos to break up large segments of text. You could also consider the journalistic technique of providing a one-sentence summary underneath the title.

Optimised internal linking

Even if your content is great and you’re seeing many unique visitors, your website is unlikely to go much further without internal linking. You want to have many pages of your site accessible through links in different areas.

Just as you would link to an outside source to prove the credibility of a claim, you should link to another page on your own site if it adds value to your current article. Doing so will give readers incentive to view more of your site.

Whether you’re in eCommerce, blogging or anything else, giving users a reason to spend more time on your website is the key to success. One of the greatest determining factors of Google’s search algorithm is a number of time users spend on a website. As much as unique users can impact your search rankings, average time spent on your site says more about the value you provide.

Short load times

You will feel great when your website is decked out with great content, great links and is optimised for accelerated mobile pages. Unfortunately, there may still be a gravely important obstacle in your way.

Despite your greatest efforts, long load times are a sure way to drive users off your site. Site speed is also a key factor in Google’s search algorithm. During the content creation process, you may have grabbed images or videos to bolster your text. Now is the time to make sure the formats, sizes and attributes are set up correctly on that multimedia content.

If you’re experiencing slow load times with a CRM, you may be overtaxing your web server with plugins. Ironically, the easiest fix to this problem is to download a caching plugin that reduces the amount of processing required to load your page.

These are today’s five of the most important SEO trends that influence your content results. You will find that most popular websites are perfect examples of these trends. No one can predict where SEO is headed, but it’s good to know what is working now. This will help you avoid any digital marketing mistakes.

Author Bio – Helen Cartwright is a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche. When not wired in marketing strategies she ghost-writes for a variety of authors who have their work published on leading online media channels such as The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com.

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