Meta Title Guidelines for 2017


For those of you that haven’t already heard Google has recently been testing a big change to the width of the left-hand column containers from 512 pixels to 600 (a 17% increase).  Along with this change, Google has increased the available length of result titles:

So how many characters can we use in our title tags now?

The real answer is it varies. As you may or may not know Google uses the Arial font for its title and Arial is proportional. What this means is that characters will vary in the amount of space they use. So what is the magic number? My recommendation would be to try and keep your titles under 60 characters just to be on the safe side but the upper limit on characters is now as much as 73 characters long.

What were the limits before the change?

For the last couple of years the recommendations, have been to try and keep the title tags under 55 characters with the upper limit being around 60 characters.

Are these changes permanent?

Google has yet to confirm whether these changes are just tests or whether they are permanent changes. So you might want to hold back before making any drastic changes to your title tags until we know if these changes are here to stay.

We will do our very best to keep you informed in regards to any further changes that google make to the length of meta titles and meta descriptions in regards to this update in the near future so make sure to stay alert for any updates. If your website has been affected by this update let us know in the comments below.

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