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Letters To Santa


Dear Santa,

We’ve been really good at Tillison Consulting this year, so if you could find your way to grant me the things on my list, I’d be eternally grateful.

    • I’d really like Santa to bring me visibility of AdWords Display campaign contribution to sales. Google already does this for the last click or the last impression, but it wold really help value those impressions and clicks more if we could see the influence in a “Display Funnel” as well as the Search Funnel data we already enjoy.
    • I’d also really love Google to create a Google Analytics access structure the same as we have for Google AdWords – one connection provided to an agency, gives everyone in that agency access to analyse or create goals in the Analytics profile.
    • Google to give back keyword visibility for organic searches. Website owners are already crying out in despair. Please, if there’s only one thing in Santa’s sack, we’d all like it to be this please.
    • I’d love Hootsuite and Twitter to have some consistency of functionality in their web and mobile apps. Why can I “quote” a tweet with Twitter on mobile and not on the web version. Why does the “reply all” function work differently in Hootsuite web, on the iPad and the Android mobile app?
    • Cross-platform visibility to track behaviour from users across different devices. There’s no consistent way of establishing a complete journey for a user from mobile interactions and visits, through to interactions and visits on desktop or tablet before making an enquiry or a purchase.

I appreciate that this is a big ask, but hey, it’s Christmas – I can wish, can’t I?


Yours Sincerely,

Mark Tillison (Age: 39 and a bit)


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