Instagram Starts Showing Ads To UK Users

It has been announced this week that Instagram are going to start allowing ads to be seen by British users.

The company, owned by Facebook have already trialed using pictures for ads in the United States and have measured successful results.

What does this mean for UK users and advertisers?

As Instagram starts showing ads to us UK users, they will have to be extremely picky about who gets to advertise on their platform to prevent users being driven away. Unfortunately, this means that small companies like Tillison Consulting will not get a look in for a while yet. There are strict rules in place to maintain the high levels of users, for example, the ads must not distract users from their daily checks and uploads.

Here are some of the requirements stipulated by Instagram

No text allowed on the images:

No text will be allowed on the photo ads unless it’s some sort of logo on a product. This is so that the images look natural and not a billboard image thrown into your face without choice.

Images must be natural:

The images must appear natural. This means products such as Ben and Jerry’s will be able to be seen being enjoyed by people in an image, but a standalone pot of the ice cream will be against the terms and conditions. I think this is a great idea which will subtly put the idea of Ben and Jerry’s in your mind without forcing it upon the user.

Images will not be shown twice:

Once you’ve seen the ad, that’s it. No matter how far you scroll through you will not see the same ad twice. This a great way of advertising on social media in a non-tedious manor. After all, it does get tiresome seeing the same ads all the time.

So what do you think about the changes and Instagram allowing ads? Are you looking forward to the first Instagram ads you see?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, jot them down in the comments.

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