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How an AI Chatbot on Your Website Could Help Your Business Grow

AI chatbot

As more and more businesses create and expand their websites, you may notice how easy it has become to get in touch with them. This, in large part, is thanks to AI chatbots and live chat services, which let visitors talk to site owners or customer support agents right on the website.

While 20 years ago you might have been lucky to simply reach someone on the phone, companies now make a point of being as available as possible. In fact, 55% of customers research something online before making a purchase. This is because having a website has completely changed how companies communicate, and they are now able to set up simple points of contact. Some website builders, which are great for entry-level webmasters who cannot code complex websites, get to integrated chatbots or live chat features out of the box. You can learn more about that here.

Email, social media and phone contacts can be integrated seamlessly with the correct design choices. These days, website builders are becoming more and more popular, allowing people to create visually appealing websites in a matter of minutes, even if they know nothing about web design. But even with the seamless contact integration they offer, managing users’ needs remains tricky. Just because you’ve put the links to your social media profiles, it doesn’t mean your customers will go there to contact you. This is where chatbots comes in.

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can give businesses a big boost, as visitors will feel like there’s always someone there to listen to their problems. If you are interested in connecting with prospective customers and improving the forward-facing aspects of your business, a chatbot can help.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software solution that allows for online chat conversation using text technology. It simulates human conversations so that users can get information while cutting down on the need for live human agents. With a fully managed chatbot platform, you can trust this technology to handle simple requests and questions with ease. You can use a software development company to help you build your platform.

AI chatbots work especially well on websites with a lot of different pages and resources. If you’re worried about information overload or visitors trying to find a certain form or document, a chatbot offers much-needed and much-appreciated guidance.

What are the benefits of using a chatbot?

Without chatbots, companies need to invest considerable time and money in keeping their websites monitored. Instead of having multiple employees assigned to answer any chat requests, AI does the work for you.

Chatbots can easily answer most simple customer support queries. They work by recognising specific keywords in customer messages, then, based on what they conclude to be the question, provide a solution. More advanced chatbots can also provide simple Yes/No questions to the customer to further narrow down their question to offer a better answer. This way, visitors can get general answers on your website 24/7. You will not make people wait for answers, and they will appreciate the speedy response.

That difference can give your business a competitive edge in a crowded landscape, no matter what industry you work in. You will also minimise staffing costs and keep your human resources under control by investing in a reliable AI chatbot. Cutting down on these time and money constraints frees up resources for your staff to focus on growing your business and getting the job done.

Chatbots can cover general queries and forward more complex requests onto the appropriate customer service representative.

How can a chatbot increase sales?

Chatbots make a good first impression. Everyone has probably experienced how frustrating it can be to visit a lacklustre site with limited contact information. With a chatbot, you can rest assured that none of your visitors will feel that way again.

Once greeted by the chatbot, people can seek more details or ask their questions. The chatbot is programmed with the appropriate responses and points people in the right direction so they know where to find additional resources on your website. This is perfect for lead generation.

Why are chatbots good for customer engagement?

Customers are flooded with choices. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of options for different goods and services. Your business needs to stand out from the rest and make them feel valued. A chatbot can accomplish that by increasing customer engagement and spreading the word about your brand.

AI chatbots can greet visitors as soon as they arrive at your site and ask for their opinions. By collecting this information, your business will have a better understanding of your target audience, especially as you keep building and growing your site.

Chatbots also enhance your brand and show that you care about your customers. People like interaction and quick responses, and when they visit your website, they want to find out what they need to know. With a chatbot, you can give them valuable information and guide them towards buying your products or choosing your services.


Having a chatbot on your website brings you only the benefits and provides a better user experience for your customers. It can minimise staffing costs, increase your sales, and customer engagement. If you don’t have one on your website by now – this is one of the ‘must-have’ things if you wish to boost your business.

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