25 Reasons To Be Using WordPress

With a reputation as a world-class publishing platform, WordPress is used by more than 74 million sites and runs 28% of the entire world wide web. Despite this figure, it’s astonishing how many businesses still do not utilise WordPress.

Here are 25 reasons to be using WordPress and why WordPress is the best content management system for your website. If this doesn’t convince you to use the platform, nothing will!

1. It’s free forever

WordPress is forever free. The fact that it’s 100% free means that you don’t need to spend megabucks paying web designers to create a website for you. Another bonus of using WordPress – no hidden charges, especially if your site becomes hugely popular.

2. It’s easy to use

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to create your website on WordPress. It’s super easy to use. So easy that you can build a website much quicker than on the likes of Drupal or Joomla, meaning that you can launch your SEO campaign much faster.

WordPress originally began as a blogging platform and caters to those with little experience in web design. There is also no need to learn HTML code to use WordPress, though it is still useful knowledge to have in your arsenal! However – if need be, there are a wealth of online WordPress Guides and WordPress tutorials for you to peruse.

3. It’s mobile-friendly

WordPress keeps on top of internet trends. In the digital era, mobile browser use has rapidly overtaken desktop browser use with over 4 billion mobile phones being used globally. So, it makes sense that WordPress is optimised for mobile – and you can manage your WordPress site from your mobile phone, too.

4. Content is easy to add

Due to WordPress’ user-friendliness, it is incredibly easy to add, alter or remove content on the platform. You can even do this from your mobile phone and without the need to have HTML coding skills. Publishing content is even easier – you can do it with just one click.

5. There’s an online community

WordPress’ features encourage and allow for social communication online. Its design means that you can share the pages and posts on social media platforms and build an online community by interacting with others in the comments section.

6. It’s great for SEO

The platform is fantastic for search engine optimisation (SEO). Through WordPress’ plugins, you can install Yoast SEO, where you can optimise the page’s meta title, description and permalink with meta tag keywords. You can also optimise images for SEO through alt tags and the page’s content using H1 tags. WordPress SEO will help your website to rank higher in search engine result pages. It’s a great SEO trend to help improve your content results.

7. There are thousands of professionally designed themes

WordPress comes with literally thousands of professionally designed themes to choose from. It makes sense, though, as if every business applied the same theme for their website then the internet would be incredibly boring. These WordPress themes are free, mobile-ready and customisable, with something for everyone.

8. There’s flexibility in web design

Due to WordPress’ thousands of available themes and hundreds of different plugins to suit every user, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more flexible site for web design than WordPress.

9. It supports different media

WordPress supports different media (that you can also edit!) such as images, video and audio files. Is there anything that WordPress can’t do?

10. It’s cost efficient

WordPress is cost efficient as there is no need to hire and pay a web designer to do the job for you. You create the website yourself for free, thus saving you money.

11. It’s safe and secure

WordPress websites are quite safe and have been designed to be secure for everyone to use.

12. It’s mature

Being over ten years old, WordPress is mature and runs like a well-oiled machine. Over the last decade, it’s been refined, enhanced and tested. It works and it works well.

13. It accommodates millions

Such is WordPress’ efficiency that it can literally accommodate and support an endless amount of users without crashing.

14. It can meet the demands of the internet

WordPress is so efficient that it can meet the demands of not just high traffic, but that of complex websites too. It won’t crash when there’s a boost in traffic, nor will it be unable to support websites that require more features.

15. It’s highly customisable

It depends on the theme that you have selected for your website, but you can alter the font colour and size, the page’s layout and images. To be honest, you can create and alter just about anything using WordPress. Whilst the simpler the theme, the faster you can build your site, it does mean that you have fewer customising options available when it comes to your WordPress website design.

16. It will grow with you

WordPress will grow with you; there’s no doubt about that because WordPress has a built in plugin store. Over 50,000 developers have created thousands of WordPress plugins (that are usually free) to cater to your every whim and desire for your website, extending the functionality of how your website works.

17. It’s open source

WordPress is open source, meaning that hundreds of individuals across the globe are freely working on the platform, modifying and upgrading it. We can be certain that WordPress support will not cease.

18. It’s getting exponentially better

Not that it really needs to get much better as it’s an amazing platform that can do so much already, it’s continually improved and maintained.

19. It’s tried, tested and trusted

The platform has been refined, upgraded, tested and modified to such an extent over the last decade and a half, whilst amassing a solid reputation across the globe. Another perk of WordPress – it’s free from bugs, flaws and glitches.

20. It’s future-proof

WordPress is so responsive that it is future-proof too. This means that you can continue to maintain and support your website (cost effectively too), with any future necessary customisations being easy to implement.

21. It’s easy to integrate with other platforms

Social media platforms such as Twitter, MailChimp and Facebook, for example, are also easily integrated with WordPress, largely in part due to its huge plugin store.

22. It’s super scalable

WordPress is incredibly flexible and has the ability to increase its capacity by scaling out and scaling up, making it super scalable.

23. You can schedule posts

You can schedule your posts to go live well in advance, meaning that you don’t need to go onto the platform every time to publish something.

24. Over 28% of the internet is WordPress-based

At least 28% of the World Wide Web runs on WordPress, meaning that the number of WordPress runs into the millions. This is a true testament to the platform’s efficiency and reliability.

25. You can have multiple users and admins

The platform is able to accommodate multiple users and admins to manage the website, allowing for further ease of use.

The list really does goes on – we can give even more reasons if you want.

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms in existence for your website. Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious that you will have total control of every aspect of how your website looks and behaves (for free!) if you use WordPress. Now, why have you still not got a WordPress website? You won’t regret the switch.

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