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7 Affordable But Effective Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

affordable social media marketing tools

Not able to do enough on social media for your business? This is understandable because social media marketing is more time-consuming and budget-heavy than business owners first assume. But it doesn’t have to be for you. With the right insights, you can create affordable and formidable strategies for social media marketing, and with support from the right tools, you can execute the strategies you create at low cost.

The market has plenty of SaaS solutions for social media marketing and choosing the right ones for your business can be a tough decision. This write-up discusses seven multi-purpose and affordable social media marketing tools that you can use to simplify your marketing efforts.

1. DrumUp

Two of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make with social media marketing is creating dated content and refraining from promoting evergreen content extensively. Evergreen content is the key to generating long-term traffic and with a social media management tool like DrumUp, you can effortlessly promote that content consistently over time.

Say your business has ten in-depth, extensive guides for topics closely related to your products and services. You can create multiple versions of social media posts around those guides and store them in content libraries on DrumUp. These libraries can then be set on an auto-posting schedule that will help your guides get the reach and traffic they deserve over time.


Many small businesses have a myopic view about content marketing. They focus only on creating quality content and sideline content promotion. This can affect content efficiency and the ROI of content marketing.

With a cross-promotion tool like IFTTT, small businesses can maximise the impact of their content promotion activities. IFTTT has in-app recipes that trigger some action in the event of the occurrence of some other action. For instance, one IFTTT recipe can automatically post your LinkedIn statuses on Twitter, while another lets you store mentions of certain keywords on Twitter on spreadsheets. The flexibility of the app and its numerous integrations allow small businesses to greatly simplify their social media marketing.

3. SocialMention

Customers share opinions and experiences and vent on social media, which is why monitoring social media becomes an essential part of social media marketing. Since most small businesses are hard-pressed for time and money and can’t dedicate resources to monitor social media, monitoring tools like SocialMention become important.

SocialMention lets you monitor keywords (which could be your brand’s name or some industry-related keyword) in real time. If you can’t use the app in real time, you could even create alerts and have them delivered to your inbox.

4. Canva

Every social media marketing expert today advises going visual. It’s certainly great advice, but following this can be challenging. Many small businesses can’t afford to have in-house graphic designers, and outsourcing the task isn’t an low-effort solution either. With a graphic design tool like Canva, small businesses can create great visuals without any graphic design expertise.

Canva has a host of templates designed by its community of graphic designers that small businesses can use to create their visuals. With the backgrounds in place, all that is required is simple customisation of the templates to include the content by small businesses.

5. LastPass

Since small businesses can’t have dedicated personnel to manage multiple aspects of social media marketing, one social media manager might have to double up as the analyst, content creator and community manager. In such an event, that manager will have to juggle accounts on multiple platforms.

LastPass is a secure password storage and retrieval tool that eliminates the need for you to remember multiple login details or assume the risk of storing them offline. Since the app functions across devices, you can work with it for web and mobile apps.

6. ManageFlitter

Twitter is undoubtedly an important platform for small businesses because it acts as a cost-effective way to reach just about anybody on the internet – customers, prospects, partners and influencers alike. ManageFlitter is a useful Twitter management tool that lets you manage your following and grow it organically.

The tool assesses who you are following and delivers insights on which profiles are fake, dead, inactive or not following you, so you can unfollow them. The tool also suggests people to follow based on their relationship to your industry.

7. GrowthBot

GrowthBot, a marketing and sales bot, is an exclusive tool for Slack users, but its features make considering a Slack membership just for its use worthwhile. GrowthBot delivers useful marketing insights to marketers who make queries via chat.

The insights are wide-ranged and can concern anything from finding the keywords competitors are ranking for and bidding for, to identifying competitors’ top-performing posts. The bot continues to grow everyday and feature new skills that marketers can use to boost marketing results effortlessly.

There are plenty of affordable social media marketing solutions that small businesses can consider to make the job easy. Choosing which solutions to invest in can be a tough task. This post features some of the best solutions for social media content promotion, content creation and efficiency to ensure that your social media efforts yield a good ROI.

Author bio:

Disha Dinesh is a Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content creation firm. Her interests include social media and content marketing, progressive music and motorcycles.

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