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Google Ads Grants for Charities and Nonprofits

Google Ads Grants for Charities and Non-Profits

Do you want to reach a larger audience, without spending any money? The Google Ads Grants program for nonprofits is an incredible opportunity for charities and nonprofit organisations of all sizes. This program provides $10,000 a month in free advertising to eligible nonprofits. This allows Charities to promote their fundraising campaigns to millions of potential supporters around the world.

What Are Google Ads Grants?

Google Ads Grants is an advertising program run by Google. It allows eligible nonprofits and charities to use Google Ads to reach a larger audience. It provides free access to Google Ads, the world’s biggest search and display advertising platform.


Google Ads Grants is Google’s flagship program for nonprofits, offering up to $10,000 per month in free ads. Organisations must meet the program’s eligibility requirements and demonstrate how their mission can be promoted using Google Ads. Ads will be displayed on the Google search engine and give nonprofits, charities, and nonprofit organisations access to the millions of people who use Google in their daily lives.

What Types of Non-Profits Qualify?

The program is available to organisations registered as a nonprofit, charities and educational institutions in one of the countries Google Ads supports. Organisations with a 501(c)(3) are eligible in certain countries. In some circumstances, government agencies might also qualify for grants.

Advantages of Google Ads Grants

Google Ads Grants is a powerful program that gives nonprofits, charities, and nonprofit organisations the ability to reach millions of people. It can help them grow in more ways than one. For insights on creating effective digital marketing strategies, check out this digital marketing strategy for fundraising.

Google Ads Grant Limitations

There are some limitations with Google Ads Grants. Notwithstanding the eligibility requirements;

  1. The charity grant cannot be used to advertise on Google Display. Campaigns on YouTube and Google Shopping are excluded too. For those, you’d need a standard paid account which you fund with your own budget.
  2. There’s a limit of $10,000 per month too, which is usually difficult to spend for smaller charities.
  3. There is a bid limit which can impact the visibility of your ads. However, our team has developed strategies to work around that effectively.

How to Apply for Google Ads Grants

The process of applying for a Google Ads Grant is not as complicated as one may think. There are some things to keep in mind when applying.

Create a Google Ads account or Ad Grants Pro account

The first step to applying for a Google Ads Grant is to create a Google Ads account or Ad Grants Pro account. After setting these up, you can begin your application process.

Register your Organisation with Google

You’ll need to register your non-profit organisation with Google for Nonprofits. This step is crucial as it ensures your organisation meets Google’s eligibility criteria for the program.

Apply for Google Ads Grants

Once your organisation is registered with Google for Nonprofits, you will be able to apply for a Google Ads Grants. You’ll need to explain how your organisation intends to use the grant and meet Google’s eligibility criteria as you work through the application process

Is the Google Ads Grant Worth It?

The Google Ads Grant program provides a great way to promote your services and objectives online. As a non-profit, Google Ads Grants can increase your reach and drive donations to further your cause. It is a cost efficient opportunity which can be used to stretch your promotion budget while producing effective and quality results.

What is the monthly budget for Google Ads Grants?

$10,000 per month. The budget is always in USD, whether you are in the US, the UK or other countries.

Can You Use Google Ads Grants for YouTube Ads?

No. Only for Search Ads. To advertise your charity on YouTube Ads, you will need a paid account.

Can You Use Google Ads Grants for Display Campaigns?

No. Only for Search Ads. Advertising on the Display network will need a separate account funded with your own budget.

What is the daily budget for Google Ad Grants?

Around $330 per day, assuming your ads run 365 days/year, 7 days per week. The actual limit is monthly.

Are Churches Eligible for a Google Ads Grant?

Yes. Provided the church meets the charity eligibility criteria, it can advertise on Google Search. Churches could be entitled to$10,000 per month

Are Schools Eligible for a Google Ads Grant?

Yes. We work with a number of schools with charity status. Our team applies for the charity status, the grant and runs campaigns to support fundraising.


Google Ads is an effective advertising platform that provides non-profits and charities an opportunity to gain exposure and support their cause. With access to Google Ads’ range of features, organisations can create campaigns that attract visitors and promote their causes online. Non-profits can benefit greatly from this programme with the support of a Charity Google Ads Agency. However, it is important to develop effective strategies and to maximise the impact of the grant to gain the greatest benefit.

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