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Forget about engagement, enchantment is the new social media trend

Buzzwords come and go. Social Media was all about engagement until Dave Coplin, UK Director of Search at Microsoft debuted the idea of enchantment at this year’s Great British Social Media festival in Shoreditch earlier this month.

The Concept of Enchantment

The concept of enchantment stems from the business world’s desire to try and measure the ROI of Social Media. We’ve all tried and we all know it is almost impossible. Coplin believes that ‘social’ is a human emotion so trying to measure it is the equivalent of trying to measure love. Again, impossible.

The example he gave was the getting cash out. Whilst we engage with a cashpoint, we aren’t enchanted by it like we are by the cashier in the bank who lets us know that we don’t have enough money to withdraw what we need without going overdrawn so had we thought about transferring some money over in order to avoid additional charges? By being enchanting you leave a lasting memory, a positive overview of a brand or business and a feeling in the customer that they really matter.

How are you Today?

Coplin believes that being enchanting should be the thought behind all social media engagement whether you are promoting a new brand or interacting with a follower on Twitter or Facebook. Whilst this may be a hard concept for businesses to follow, getting out of the corporate mind set of ‘sell sell sell’ and asking ‘how are you today?’ will pay off.

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Whether you choose to remain engaging or become enchanting, the most important thing is to be more human.

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