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Facebook Advertising Location Targeting

Who do you want your Facebook Ads to reach?

Thank You Facebook for introducing what is a very helpful Facebook Ads feature to make location targeting more specific.

Thanks to the update there are now a number of ways you can target your audience through geographic locations on Facebook Ads.

facebook target ads

You can see from the above image that when you go to select your targeting for Facebook there is now an option to target people by postal codes, custom street addresses and people who live, are visiting or have recently been in your selected location. Previously, of course, you could only target by the location on its own regardless of a person’s situation.

What are my Targeting Options?

Facebook Advertising Location Targeting works well, for example, if you are trying to promote a salon providing beauty treatments in Portsmouth. Or, if you wanted to promote a sports event only suitable for people who live in Chelsea.  You can do that now, whereas before it was just everyone in Chelsea. The new targeting just makes things much more specific for advertisers.

This also works with the opposite effect, so for example if you wanted to exclude people who live in Manchester you can do that, or exclude travellers in that area for example.

At the moment, it looks like the Street Addresses and Postcode targeting are not yet working in the UK, unlike the Twitter Postcode Targeted Ads. However, the function for targeting people with specifics on their activity in the location is definitely active, so you can get started with this right away!

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