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Curry Business Is Back

On September 18th Curry Business made a welcome return after a long summer break. Kicking off at The Masala Lounge in Chandlers Ford we teamed up with this month’s host’s, Innovate, for some Chat, Chow and Charity. 

Chat, Chow, Charity

With around 25 attendees for this event, the night was a resounding success. With some old faces and new we all were able to enjoy a delicious curry while making friends in the name of charity.

Speaking of charity, as hosts, Innovate had the duty of deciding which charity would be beneficiary for the money raised during the event. Unable to decide on just one they settled on splitting the money between two deserving local charities.

The Rainbow Centre who’s mission is helping children, adults, families and carers affected by neurological conditions; and Honeypot Children’s Charity who offer both respite breaks and outreach support to young carers and vulnerable children, many of whom would otherwise have nowhere to turn.

Thank you to all of our supporters

Last night we were able to raise a total of £380 which is already on it’s way to these two great causes.

Over the last year, we have also raised a magnificent £1,753 which is all thanks to those who support us and the charities by joining us at Curry Business.

Curry Business is an event like no other. Coupling fundraising with networking our goal is to bring businesses together in the most informal of ways possible – over a curry. With no obligations, speeches or dress code it’s just about getting together with some good food. Every month we partner up with a different business who “host” the event and then select a charity to be beneficiary and that’s all there is to it.

Why do we do it?

At Tillison, we view curry business as an opportunity to catch up with old friends while making some new ones too. Like a lot of people, we are lovers of fine Indian cuisine. Setting up an event which supports local restaurants and brings businesses together while raising money for noble local causes seemed like a no-brainer.

How Curry Business is making a difference?

The effect of curry business isn’t just supporting local causes. Curry Business is a platform which brings together businesses from all walks of life and helps connect them with others. We don’t do the hard sell or force you to stand and pitch your business. We asked our guests why they come to curry business and this is what they had to say:

KateRegional Fundraising Manager at Honeypot Children’s Charity

It takes £1.9m a year to provide the services that we do and with no government funding, events such as these make a huge difference to helping Honeypot support our young carers.  Without people fundraising through corporate partnerships, grants, trusts, local community groups and individual fundraisers, we simply wouldn’t be able to give these children the best chance at making the most of their childhood.

JamesDirector at HWB Accountants 

Having the opportunity to meet local businesses in a relaxed environment, is a great way to create lasting relationships. Curry Business doesn’t ask anyone to pitch their business, but to just enjoy other like-minded business people’s company while indulging in good food. We attend these events for this exact reason, as our ethos is not to create a hard sell but to see where our accountancy services can add value which enables us to offer genuine advice from specialists that understand the individual and their industry.

Kim – Fundraising Manager at The Rainbow Centre

Each year we need to raise £774,000 to continue to provide our life changing services. These funds are raised via charitable trusts and foundations, corporate support, our charity shops, events, community support, individuals making a regular donation and gifts in Wills. Without the generous support of companies such as yours, along with everyone who attended Wednesday evening, we would never be able to reach this target.

Would you like to get on-board with Curry Business?

Attending the event is free. The only cost involved is that of the meal and a small donation. Every month we try to go someplace different within the southern Hampshire area, so if you weren’t able to make this one perhaps you can make the next. You can find more information about each event we have scheduled on our website.

Next Month on October 9th we will be in Wickham, will you be joining us?

Perhaps you represent a charity and would like to become the beneficiary of one of our Curry Business events? Get in touch and we will be happy to arrange this for a future event.

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