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How to Create the Perfect Google Plus Post

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Writing great content is one thing, but getting it shared via social media channels is quite another. Below is our guide on how to create the perfect Google Plus post.

Here’s a quick Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Use stars around your headline to make it bold: *Constructing the Perfect Google+ Post*
  2. Use underscores around your subtitle to make it italics: _Clearer posting gets greater engagement_
  3. Include a description of what your picture, link or post is about. This will help “sell” the reason it is worth reading. You might be resharing someone else’s post. Follow these guidelines for your reshare too. In either case, add your own opinion and thoughts about the content – if you explain more clearly why this is valuable, people are more likely to engage, more likely to comment and more likely to click the link to the blog post you shared.
  4. If you’re resharing a Google+ post, thank the person that created the original post and the person who brought it to your stream. It’s polite and will get you more attention.
  5. Use hashtags to alert others monitoring them. This will help you reach a greater audience with common interests and gain additional engagement

If you found this article useful, and now know how to create the perfect Google+ post, be sure to visit our YouTube Channel for more How To Guides and Digital Marketing videos. Or, for more on Google Plus, sign up for out FREE guide below.

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