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Google AdWords Location Optimisation


In this T-Time Show, Mark explains how to save advertising budget and increase campaign ROI using AdWords Location Optimisation.

AdWords records and provides location data in your account and campaigns to help understand which countries, regions, towns or cities are producing sales and leads in your campaign and which are wasting money.

Takeaways from this Video:

Where to Find Location Data in Your AdWords Account

0:29 The first thing that you need to understand is where to look for the data in your AdWords account. This is in the dimensions tab, and what we are interested in is Geographic. This will break down all the data for your campaigns and tell you where your traffic is coming from and how it is behaving.

Make Sure Conversion Tracking is Set Up

1:11 Conversion tracking should be set up on your account. If it isn’t you are NUTS! Do not run an AdWords account without conversion tracking.

How to Filter AdWords Location Data

1:44 Mark talks through how to filter your data and explains that you need a lot of data to make serious decisions. Don’t change your bids based on one or two clicks, you need a lot of traffic from any given, town, city or location before making any hasty AdWords management decisions.

Making Location Decisions

2:46 Mark guides you through location decision making based on cost per converted click and how to decide where you should and should not continue marketing by addressing the questions:

  • Do we need those locations?
  • Are we getting enough sales, can we optimise, is there something else we can do there?
  • Or shall we just exclude it?

Problem Identified, What Next?

4:13 So that is one way of looking at the data. We have identified a problem, so what do we do about it, how do we modify this? Find out what triggered your Ad?

Under locations in the settings tab, we can see what triggered your ad by geographic location. Once ordered by cost we can see which campaigns are working and which are just costing money. Walk through some examples in the video.

Remember, just because a campaign is not converting well it is not necessarily down to the location, it could be other things.

When Should You Exclude Locations?

5:28 Mark talks through diving even deeper into your data and addresses the questions:

  • Should I spend money on locations that aren’t converting?
  • Should I add locations as specific targets?

Monitor your campaign overall stats to start with and be sure that it is a location problem before excluding it. If a campaign is poorly performing everywhere your problem isn’t a location one.

There may be certain services in certain locations that just don’t work. Mark runs through some of the reasons that this might be.

Start saving money by watching this T-Time video and then spend some time going through your AdWords account. Do it now! If it all seems a little complicated, we cover this topic in detail in our one to one AdWords Training Courses. Alternatively, you can ask us questions in the comments of this post or Tweet at @Tillison.

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