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Advanced Location Extensions in AdWords

Very soon, Google is rolling out new Advanced Location Extensions in Google AdWords. They will achieve this by linking your “Google My Businesses” and AdWords accounts together.

This is a much more time effective way of showing your business information in search ads as previously you had to manually create location extensions for ads. Now when you link your “Google My Business” account to AdWords, AdWords will start automatically showing specific location extensions on your search ads.

Benefits of Location Extensions in AdWords


In the past, you had to create location extensions campaign by campaign. With this new feature, you can now set up extensions at your main account level and they will automatically be added for all campaigns you specify. This will make your AdWords Management much simpler.

Simpler Campaign Optimisation

The business address linked to your account on AdWords will also be eligible for location targeting and bid adjustments. If you were targeting your campaigns to the UK then it would bid much more aggressively within a small radius of your business extensions very quickly.

How to Integrate AdWords and Google My Business

  • Simply create your Google My Business account, it’s free to use and keeps all your business information in one place. The Google My Business sign up page is here: http://www.google.com/business/
  • In your Google AdWords account, simply go into the location extensions as you would normally and link the accounts. Google will be enforcing these changes on the 18th August anyway so it’s best to keep ahead of the game with these.

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