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3 Products Geeks Should Be Playing With

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If you’re a technology buff, then you probably own or plan to own some of the following things on this list. Technology has grown so rapidly in the last 2 years alone that it’s hard to keep up with what to buy, which is best and how things work.

2013 has been a landmark year in the field of gadgets and gizmos. With the commercial birth of products such as 3D printers and cameras that can make phone calls, it’s sometimes hard deciding which product is going to benefit you and which one is just going to be good to show off to your mates.

In this article, I’m going to be looking at some of 2013’s best products and give you an insight to their features and best prices.

LG 84LM960V Smart 3D TV

When written as it is above, you probably think it’s just the latest big screen TV on the market. Well, there is truth to that statement but just how big is big? One of the newest products from LG is the incredible 84” TV. If the screen itself isn’t cool enough to look at the features of the product should sway you in the right direction. The TV boasts an incredible Ultra HD, 4 times the resolution of the average HD TV, stunning 3D and a wealth of online features making this TV one of the best on the market. The TV is only available to buy from 2 outlets in the UK and will set you back a staggering £14999.00 and that was the best price I could find! (Currys)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

You’ve probably seen this nifty little gadget advertised around the internet and on TV. The camera is a hybrid digital HD camera and smart phone which boasts a cool 16px resolution with an impressive 10 times optical zoom. Need to send your girlfriend a picture? No problem, just give her a call and send the image whilst chatting. The rings of the lens make easy controls including zoom and focus. Apps such as Facebook and Twitter are also available to download onto the device in the built-in app store. Samsung said that they wanted to create a device that meant you didn’t need to carry a smart phone and a camera and they have done just that. The cheapest Galaxy S4 Zoom I found was £319.00 (Digitalrev)

Google Glass

One product that has really got everyone talking this year is Google Glass. The device sits on your face like a pair of glass and acts like a smart phone without needing to use your hands. The miniature screen is displayed in front of one eye and has the capability on ‘Googling’ questions on the go, taking hands free pictures and videos and chatting to anybody in your phone book. A few people have managed to get early access to Google Glass but the product will be released to the general product at a later date. The developer price for Google Glass was just under £1000.00 so it’s hard to say how much it will be to everybody else.Speak with a SpecialistGet a Free SEO Audit

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