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Microsoft Ads Upgrades To New Feedback Platform

Microsoft Ads New Feedback Platform

Microsoft has announced a new platform as part of its advertising service that allows users to share feedback in a way that enables Microsoft to enact it more effectively. It is expected that the user experience of the new platform will be similar to the current platform.

Microsoft Ads New Feedback Platform
Sign up form for the new customer feedback platform

You can now sign up for the new platform, although no URLs or details have been released yet. We know that it will keep many features that currently exist within the platform, however. 

Users will share feedback publicly and any feedback from the current platform that is logged by 30th September will be migrated to the new platform. Users will also be able to provide Microsoft with feedback on the ‘Help’ section of the advertising platform or by emailing or tweeting Microsoft Ads directly. 

The new platform is expected to have similar features to the current platform and will continue to allow users to vote on existing feedback. The image below shows the current platform, with suggestions that have been voted on. This feature allows users to add weight to what they consider particularly important pieces of feedback, and with the new platform, could see important feedback enacted much more quickly.

Current Microsoft Advertising Customer Feedback experience
Current Microsoft Advertising Customer Feedback experience
Image source: Search Engine Journal

Let us know what you think about the new platform in the comments or by tweeting us @TeamTillison. Remember, we’re experts in Microsoft Ads Management, so if you’re looking to run your campaigns on this platform, or any other pay per click platform for that matter, get in touch today!

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