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Screaming Frog Announces SEO Spider 16.0

Screaming Frog Update

Screaming Frog’s most recent SEO spider update is here. In the latest update, which is version 16.0 and was given the internal codename of ‘marshmallow’, Screaming Frog’s spider has improved JavaScript crawling. This means that not only does it crawl in a way that is much more similar to Google’s crawlers, but it will have a clearer and easily filtered tab in the report to show any issues with pages.

The latest Screaming Frog update has implemented a host of smaller changes and bug fixes to improve functionality. These include better Google Analytics integration, improving scheduling and improved structured data validation features, among other things.

One of the biggest changes in this Screaming Frog update is that it will crawl both the original and rendered HTML. Screaming Frog explains that this is to make a crawler that is more similar to Google’s own, as well as to identify issues with JavaScript dependencies.

The new update will also let you see where JavaScript content is only available as rendered HTML by giving you an option to see the two different versions of code side by side, with the option for differences to be highlighted so you can more easily identify them.

You will also be able to compare rendered HTML to non-rendered HTML, allowing you to pick up on small, but vital, issues to ensure that your site is being crawled properly by Google’s crawlers.

One of the most exciting parts of this update is that you can enable customised automated crawl reports for Data Studio. This allows you to export them to Google Sheets easily to then connect to Data Studio, so you can have all the data you need at your fingertips.

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Screaming Frog has also updated the filtering and search options, giving you more functionality, pre-defined filters and an improved search function to help make your life easier as you interpret the data.

Finally, there’s no need to worry if English isn’t your mother tongue, as Screaming Frog is now available in Spanish, German, French and Italian. The team at Screaming Frog do, however, accept that translating technical SEO terms into other languages is challenging so welcome any feedback you have for them.


Screaming Frog’s latest crawler update brings new functionality to the tool for millions of SEOs around the world, and makes it far more similar to Google’s own crawler. With new ways to see your data and new information found, Screaming Frog’s 16.0 update looks to shine the light towards a bright future for identifying issues with your website so you can fix them and improve your rankings.  If you want to try out any of these new features, download the Screaming Frog SEO Spider

What do you think of the new Screaming Frog update? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @TeamTillison to let us know. 
And remember, we’re SEO specialists, so if you’re not sure how to grapple with Screaming Frog or other crawlers yourself, contact us and we can help!

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