event marketing for small business


Event Marketing for Small Business

3,700 Website Visits

Hercules Events approached Tillison Consulting in March 2015 to help increase their brand awareness within the Triathlon community. The ultimate aim was to attract more participants to sign up for the events they were running over the summer months.

The initial strategy discussion was whether Tillison could help improve the existing Google AdWords campaign that had run the previous year. However, after conducting initial research, the recommendation was NOT to use AdWords moving forward as it wouldn’t provide the best return on investment.

Event Marketing Strategy

Our research data suggested that the cost per acquisition (CPA, cost per event sign up) would be too high for the company to make a good return. Instead, it was recommended that event marketing using Social Media Pay per Click Ads (Facebook and Twitter) should be used as the adverts and brand message could be seen by more people within the specific target audience. A proven strategy in event marketing for small business.

We knew that cycling and triathlon communities were large and well represented on Social Media and that the Hercules Events brand would work well with well-targeted ad campaigns. Those targeting options also meant that the average Cost per Click and Cost per Acquisition would be lower.

The Greatest Number of Participants Ever

The results that have been achieved have been extremely good. Over the summer period and in to the autumn the Facebook PPC Campaigns generated a large amount of enquiries and sign-ups for their events. In fact, they received over 3,700 website clicks at an average of $0.50 each for Facebook, and in just 20 weeks gained an additional 654 Facebook page fans.

The Twitter Ads strategy produced a similar success story with over 2,600 website clicks costing an average of 30p each. This all led to more people signing up for events than the previous year.

Thanks to the successful event marketing strategy, their St Albans event achieved the greatest number of participants ever for a new site.

  • 654

    Facebook Page Likes

  • 2,600

    Clicks via Twitter

  • 3,700

    Clicks via Facebook

  • 1,500

    Annual Competitors

The results that have been achieved have been extremely good. Over the summer period and in to the autumn we created a large amount of enquiries and sign-ups for our events.

This has been our best year to date. We have been very happy with the event marketing work Tillison Consulting have delivered.

Gifty Enright Events Director

About Hercules Events

Hercules Events is a small but very successful events company based in Hertfordshire. Run on a strong reputation for quality and personal attention to their competitors, the company has been going from strength to strength over the 4 years they have been trading. They now run some of the best triathlons and multi-sport events in the area. In 2015 over 1500 competitors took part in their events.

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