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Twitter Introduces ‘Mute Button’

You have to admit, there’s nothing worse than having a friend who you follow on Twitter and all they do all day is tweet irrelevant, pointless drivel. 140 characters isn’t exactly enough room to write an essay but we do not need to hear exactly what type of cereal you had this morning or that you’ve ran out of sugar so you can’t have a coffee.

This week it was announced that Twitter is introducing a ‘Twitter Mute Button’ for people who are repeat offenders of the crimes discussed above. The platform started rolling this out on Monday but it will be available to everyone soon. The best part is, no hard feelings will be shared as they won’t have a clue!

How Does the Twitter Mute Button Work?

Under each Tweet there is a ‘More’ button. On tapping this there will be a ‘Mute @Username’ button. Simply give this a tap and all content that the user shares will be invisible on your Timeline. The person will not know that you have muted them and you can still see their Tweets by visiting their full profile. Of course you will be able to see the Tweet if you are directly mentioned in it.

Mute Button Twitter

You will be able unmute the user at any time by visiting their profile and repeating the process. The person muted will still be able to see your Tweets and interact with them in the same way so there’s no need to worry about them finding out that you have muted them.

I believe this feature will be extremely handy as I have a few ‘friends’ and family members on Twitter whose content I don’t really pay much attention to. By muting them I will not see their content and I will technically still be following them. I’ll just have to come up with an excuse as to why I haven’t liked/replied to any of their Tweets recently!

Facebook’s Mute Button

A similar tool is also available on Facebook and has been since early 2008. Ever since Facebook started analysing interaction between friends and moulding people’s timelines around it, you’ve been able to hide certain people’s Statuses/Stories on your Newsfeed without unfriending them.

Do you think the mute button is a good or bad thing for business?

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