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Why Twitter is Important for Your Business

With Social Media cited as one of the number one channels customers use to communicate with brands and suppliers, how does it fit in and why is Twitter so important for your business?

Twitter Reach

As of April 2015, Twitter has 288 million monthly active users. It is fair to say that users in every market are as fairly represented as those in others, but 288million is a whole lot of users, tweeting their joy, anger, sadness, celebrations, stalking celebrities or just plain old chatting.

Building Brand Awa/blog/complete-twitter-chat-hours-directory/reness and Trust Using Twitter

Through promoted tweets, regular tweeting and targeted engagement on Twitter, businesses can create greater awareness of their brand, their successes, their customers and their products and services.  This is a great example of why Twitter is important for your business.

This does not mean simply broadcasting an endless stream of promotional offers and products, but to invest time in conversation and relationships with other Twitter users.

Brand Positioning on Twitter

News happens on Twitter. Every minute of every day. Local news, industry news and global events. Some trivial, some environmental and some conversations which your brand should absolutely be part of, positioning your brand and opinion where it is appropriate and relevant.

Frequency of Communication

If you’re familiar with the theory of 7 interactions before a customer buys, you’ll probably know that in the digital age, that number grew an awful lot. According to Business Insider, that figure today really depends on a number of factors.

A solid Twitter business marketing strategy should include frequent tweets, but more importantly, frequent engagement and conversation.

If your business isn’t doing it, you can be sure at least some of your competitors are steadily creating strong relationships between their brand and your customers, yet another example of why Twitter is important for your business.  In fact, we would go as far as to say it is an essential tool.

Your Brand in Your Audience’s Pocket

The powerful combination of Twitter and mobile devices means that your brand, and the means to communicate with it, or even complain about it, is just seconds away for the typical Twitter user.

Being there, ready to answer a complaint, an enquiry or a query wins trust and the hearts of your audience.

Twitter and Customer Service

Often touted as “Customer Service 2.0“, Social Media platforms such as Twitter are essential to businesses working in both the B2B and B2C space.

Whether businesses advertise their presence on Twitter or not, Twitter users expect to be able to communicate using their favourite platform. Absence simply leads to disappointment from those customers, missed opportunities to engage and, of course, huge missed opportunities to build and nurture relationships with your brand.

Your Reputation is Built on Twitter, Whether You Like It Or Not

For many businesses, absence from Twitter means that at worst, they’re not present to monitor feeling about their brand, their product or service and can’t defend or deal with a complaint.

Twitter is a thriving community, with strong relationships created between local businesses, those with common interests and often those with a common axe to grind. Unchecked, those communities and networks could create some bad feeling around your business very quickly.

Being part of those communities, or even creating them, positions your business at the centre of the conversation, ready, willing and able to be part of the audience and to grow your influence and sales with it.

That is why Twitter is important for your business!

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