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#ThingsIWouldBan: Team Tillison’s Biggest Digital Marketing Pains


The digital marketing sphere is constantly evolving, and new innovations on a near-daily basis makes working in digital marketing all the more exciting.

There are some things, however, which make us want to throw down the ‘banhammer’ harder than the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. Here’s what would make our Specialists’ lives easier if they just went away:

Antony Potts – PPC Strategist

First things first, let’s get rid of the confusing terminology that means different things in different places. Facebook use the term ‘Business Manager’ for both the tool with which you manage accounts and the person that manages the account.

For another example, Google use Impression Share to mean the percentage of impressions you get from the total impressions available across their network, but when they refer to Top IS, they are only referring to the percentage of those above the fold, from the ones you have received!

While I’m banning things, let’s stop using the phrase ‘reach out’. We know you mean ‘contact’, just say that.

Jackie Wakefield – SEO Strategist

I would ban badly configured website pop-ups. To create a good user experience, pop-ups should be of a similar standard to the website, but often they are substandard.

Time is of the essence too – pop-ups interrupt the user experience on the site, so make sure that the visitor has had the chance to experience at least some of it before bombarding them with sale or email capture pop-ups.

Driving quality traffic to a website is a major goal in digital marketing – don’t make it bounce with shoddily designed and optimised pop-ups.

Ellie Ferguson – Content and Outreach Specialist

I would ban poor grammar! I know not every post is perfect and people make mistakes – we are only human – but it doesn’t take long to proof read work or learn the difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’.

Poor grammar and spelling makes the work look rushed and we already have short attention spans, so it doesn’t take long for people to be put off or get confused. They say Content is King, so why aren’t we spending just a little more time and effort to create the best content for our target audience? Not knowing where capital letters or full stops are required just looks unprofessional.

David Dunbar – Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

I would ban pop-up messages which annoyingly appear as soon as you land on or click through to a company’s Facebook page or Twitter profile. There are a few things I would ban, but this is something in particular that can become annoying and if it happens a lot to a customer, all hope is gone in my books.

Millie Grant – Digital Marketing Analyst

Whether I would ban or just change almost everything about the Facebook PPC interface, I don’t know. What I do know is that that the whole platform needs some sort of update.

As someone uses it on a daily basis to work on clients’ accounts I still get frustrated trying to navigate around the platform, and I often find that I am always going back on my work due to the lag and time it things take to load.

I have also had multiple issues recently with unclear disapproval messages failing to give me a real reason as to why my ad won’t publish, and endless back and forth messaging with the ‘help community’ that never answer my question. So, I would also ban the lack of phone support some companies have – it is not always helpful to discuss problems over Messenger!

Lottie – Office Dog

I don’t know anything about digital marketing because I’m a dog, but I would ban the postman… *woof*


What are your biggest annoyances from the worlds of SEO, PPC, or social media? Let us know in the comments, or get in touch with one of our Specialists below. We may have the remedy for your digital marketing pains!

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