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How to use product type in Google Shopping

What is product type in Google Shopping?

Product type is a classification system that is used by retailers to organise their products according to their type, style, or other defining characteristics.

It is similar to Google Product Category. However, unlike Google Product Categories, which are standardised by Google, Product Type is determined by the retailer and can vary from one retailer to another.

Whilst Google Product Category is mandatory data, Product Type is not, but is strongly recommended as it is more versatile.

How to use Google product type

To use product type, you first need to determine how you want to classify your products and how you might want to segment campaigns and ad groups in your Google Shopping Campaigns.

This will depend on your product offerings and the target audience you are trying to reach. For example, you might classify your products according to their type (such as clothing, electronics, or home goods), their style (such as modern, vintage, or rustic), or their intended use (such as outdoor, office, or bedroom).

Product Type is defined in sections and subsections. E.g. Section > Subsection > Subsection.

Example Product Types:
Cables > HDMI Cables
Cables > TOSLink Cables
Batteries > AA
Batteries > AAA

Because you are not bound by the strict conventions of Google Product Category, you can define your own taxonomy.

To help optimise campaign performance, or to ring-fence a budget for each Product Type, you may choose to create one Google Shopping Campaign for each Product Type. You’ll also then be able to set different ROAS targets, different budgets and different targeting settings for each Campaign as you wish.

What happens when you don’t set a product type

Nothing. Product Type is not a mandatory field and does not need to be included in your data feed.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on this, check out Google’s Product Type Guide

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