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Google To Introduce Dynamic Sitelinks

First it was Dynamic search ads, then Dynamic Remarketing, now Google is starting to roll out Dynamic Sitelink extensions on AdWords starting anytime now.

The dynamic sitelinks will appear as they normally would when you manually create them, however Google will now start to generate them automatically to show the most relevant pages of the website to the search. This is a very good move by Google and something I feel will work well as it gives the ad more relevance and value whilst being easy to manage.

My only slight concern, which I am interested in finding out more about, is how you make sure ONLY your manual Dynamic sitelinks show when you want them to, as some strategies may be in place which makes these Google variants not wanted/needed  and can hinder your current online strategy with sitelinks.

It is very much worth noting that sitelinks you set up manually as normal will still show more times than not, Google only tends to show the Dynamic Sitelink when they feel it will perform better than your manually inserted variations.

We will update once we see these in action!

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