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AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

If you are an eCommerce Store with a current Google Merchant Centre account, you can use dynamic remarketing to build remarketing ads based on the products that Google predicts will perform best using visitors past interaction on your site.

For example, you could have looked at a pair of shoes you liked, left the site and then you will get a tailored remarketing ad showing the pair of shoes you previously looked at.

This works really well for eCommerce Stores as people are much more likely to interact with image ads of products they actually want to see rather than a generic ad for the site.

What is Adwords Remarketing?

Lots of people ask, “what is AdWords Remarketing”. Effectively remarketing is where you remarket to people who have already visited your site, a cookie is placed on the site which follows the user’s browser for a set period of time.

Dynamic remarketing, as explained, is where you show the user the exact products they have viewed rather than a generic remarketing ad.

How to Set Up AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

  • You need an active Google Merchant Centre account with a product feed available to use.
  • Create a Google Display Network only campaign.
  • Select remarketing.
  • Tick the box which says “select dynamic ads” this will allow you to use dynamic remarketing.
  • Choose your business type, i.e “retail”.
  • Link up your product feed so you can show products on your remarketing ads.
  • Choose your budgets/bids/locations/ad scheduling.
  • You then just need to choose the audience you want to show your remarketing ads to.
  • The final step is then to create your ads, the products should already be in there, you just then need to choose your logo and promotional buttons.
  • Once this is saved you are good to go!

If this still all sounds a little confusing please post any AdWords management questions in the comments and we will help where we can.

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