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Facebook Marketing News – Everything You Should Know So Far This Year


In this article we’ve included some of the latest news from Facebook so far this year. Including potential changes to your Facebook Messenger App, the widely talked about Facebook Reactions and a few tips for Facebook Marketing.

The Facebook “Reactions” Have Finally Arrived: Here’s What You Need To Know

In case you haven’t heard already, Facebook have recently launched Reaction Buttons which include like, love, wow, haha, yay, sad, and angry. These new expressions have replaced the basic ‘like’ button which has been a staple of the social media site for many years.

The new reaction button will be available on desktop and mobile. Users who have access to these new reactions can use them by holding (mobile) or hovering (desktop) over the ‘like’ button which will bring up a menu of the six options.


Adverts Could Soon Be Coming To Facebook Messenger

Facebook is planning on introducing paid ads to its messaging platform. This news comes from leaked documents reportedly obtained by the Tech website TechCrunch. According to them Facebook have already sent out documents to businesses stating that they will soon be able to message their customers directly.

In order for businesses to prepare for this change, the document recommends that they should start getting their fans to message them via the messaging app, so they can take full advantage of the new advertising feature once it starts rolling out.

With this new update it means that businesses will be able to engage with their customers on a whole new level. However, considering this is a very direct way for businesses to advertise with potential customers it’s likely that Facebook could charge expensive rates.

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The Facebook Ads Pixel: What Marketers Need to Know

Are you unsure about how to implement Facebook Ads Pixel?

In this article by Andrea Vahl you’ll learn how to install the new pixel, two methods for tracking your conversions with the pixel, and how to view the cost per conversion in your Facebook Ad reports.

So what are the benefits of using the pixel?

By installing the new Facebook pixel, you’ll also be able to:

See rich insights: In Ads Manager you’ll see a dashboard which gives you information on the traffic across your website.
Share your pixel: This will be useful if you’ll be working with an agency or Facebook Marketing Partner. Instead of implementing a second pixel, you can share your existing pixel with them through Business Manager.

Once it’s all set up you will be able to track conversions from your Facebook Ads. It will become much clearer to see the benefit of ads and you can also use it to improve your ad strategy. You can really start optimising your budget to focus on the ads that are working best for you.

Two New Tools to Improve Local Facebook Marketing

“We’re making it easier for businesses with multiple locations to create local ads for each store and also giving businesses more insight into the groups of people near their stores. With these updates, businesses of every size can easily connect with the people in their area.”

What this means is if you’ve got a Facebook page set-up and your business is in more than one location, it’s now going to be easier to pick and choose what store you want to run ads for – So if you’re a hairdressers with a few different salons it will be easier to target people local to that one specific salon.

Ad reports are now available for each location, giving businesses greater insight into ad performance than what it was like before.

Discover more about the new tools for Local Facebook Marketing

Implement Facebook as Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Speak to our Social Media Specialist about how you can use Facebook as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking for Facebook Page Management Services or Facebook Coaching so you can manage it effectively yourself, we will create the perfect Facebook campaign strategy for you depending on your goals and budget expectations.Speak with a SpecialistLearn Social Media with a Pro

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