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Digital Marketing Letters To Santa 2019


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the team here at Tillison Consulting has been working hard all year round and on their best behaviour throughout 2019…believe it or not! 

2019 has been a busy year for us here at Tillison, from business growth and expanding our dedicated team of experts through to running monthly networking events and working with over 150 clients, there certainly hasn’t been a quiet moment! 

There is not a lot that our SEO Specialists and PPC Professionals have asked for this year but seeing as it’s Christmas we thought we would try our luck and write some digital marketing letters to Santa and ask for a few things to help us (and our clients) thrive in 2020.

Mark Tillison – Managing Director

Dear Santa, 

I have been really good this year and I am really not asking for a lot this Christmas but please could you deliver me a gift from the Bing (Microsoft) Ads team… in 2020 I would like to see an attribution model that isn’t 3 years out of date!

Bing is still using Last Click attribution and there is currently no option to switch to Linear, Position-Based, First Click or Data-Driven as we have in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

If you could make this wish come true I would be ever so grateful.  

Jackie Wakefield – SEO Strategist

Dear Santa,

Last year I asked if you could slip SEM Rush under the tree for me, and you did! What a lucky SEO’er I am!

Santa, thank you! Now, what could I possibly wish for this year?

Some improvements to the functionality of Google Search Console Performance Report, pretty please. Clicks, impressions, average click-through rate and average positions are all presented in the Performance Report with some filtering functionality.  The data that can be extracted is gold for SEO, so it would be beneficial to be able to present the data in an efficient way. 

Whilst I am grateful for being able to increase the date range to include 16 months of data, instead of 3 months and the available filters to layer data results, I am left frustrated with the way the data is delivered into Google Sheets. Is this something you could possibly fix for me? Thank you! 

Joe Ford – Senior Web Developer

Dear Santa,

The world of the web is changing before us, faster than ever. Please help my fellow web developers keep up the rate of progress. 

If you feel particularly generous this year it would be amazing to see headless CMSs grow more popular with one or two mainstream options available. This will help speed up the web as a whole, a massive win for everybody. 

Thanks, Santa! 

Ellie Ferguson – Content Specialist

Dear Santa,

I would be forever grateful if we could put a stop to the spammy websites that provide hundreds of unwanted, toxic links to our client’s websites! These reduce the health of a website’s backlink profile and put them at risk of being penalised by search engines. Not only this but we then have to spend our valuable time reviewing and removing/disavowing the toxic links.

Is this something you can put a stop to please Santa? 

Jasmine Nash – SEO Analyst

Dear Santa, 

This year I would like you to have a chat with Google to implement a way in which customers photos have to be approved by the Business owners or Google before being publicly posted to their Google My Business listing

At the moment, there is only an option to flag the photos as inappropriate and this can be extremely time-consuming when hundreds of irrelevant photos have been added to the listing. So if you could find a way to implement this that would be amazing, thank you!

Charlotte Johnson – Digital Campaign Manager

Dear Santa

For Christmas this year, I would like the added ease of effortlessly finding and scoring PAA opportunities.

If it is possible, could keyword planners create the added feature of showing me related questions to ask and answer within my blog. I know planners, such as UberSuggests have a fantastic content idea section, however, if a People Also Ask feature was added, it would be super helpful, helping to improve our chances of featuring within the rich snippets! 

Kelsie Tune – Digital PR Specialist

Dear Santa,

This year I would like to avoid the black hole of Digital PR, by this I mean you send an email or leave a reasonably important message for a journalist, only to be met with dead silence. Whether you’re getting no response from a journalist, a business prospect, or a client, being ignored is simply frustrating! 

So please do us all a favour and respond with a simple “no thanks” to avoid being sent a chaser email and me wasting my time! So if you could ensure that my media contacts adhere to this that would be truly beneficial.

Josh Lynch – Technical SEO Specialist

Dear Santa, 

This year all I’m asking for is for people please stop using “Slider Revolution” on WordPress, in an attempt to get a “cool” looking website. 

It’s one of the worst plugins I have seen for WordPress and it ruins a website speed score and user experience because they bloat the back end of the website with unnecessary code to add a singular sliding element. 

If you would please stop this from happening I will promise to be extra good next year? 

Sydney Tierney – Digital Marketing Assistant

Dear Santa

If you would be so kind as to speak with the team at Twitter and ask them to please create an “edit tweet” button, I would be entirely grateful.

It seems as though this is a difficult task, as one of our staff asked you this last year and it still hasn’t been actioned. But I think, with a little persistence and maybe a lifetime guarantee on the good list, they might just comply? So if you could please visit the Twitter HQ and request this it would save us all from this suffering. Many thanks 

Tom Hughes – Digital Campaign Manager

Dear Santa

Please have a word with Google would you?

Whilst it’s great they are constantly keeping up to date, it’s how they fail to update us is what gets me. A simple heads up before a change in their algorithms would be most welcome.

Just politely nudge them to give us more warning next time. Thanks!

Arpit Dubey – PPC Specialist

Dear Santa, 

I have been really good this year so if you could please make my one PPC wish come true I would be so grateful!  All I am asking for this year is to see a red exclamation mark (!) appear next to the ads within the SERPS. This way users can clearly see what is paid advertisement and what is an organic search result. I really don’t think that is too much to ask, do you? 

Oana Ciorban – PPC Campaign Manager

Dear Santa, 

I would be really grateful if you could talk with the team at Facebook and ask them to make a user-friendly interface in Facebook Ads Manager, please? Also, while you are there could you be a bit cheeky and ask them if they can keep the changes to a minimum?

While I do appreciate they are trying to make things easier, sometimes the changes are just confusing and it makes everything more complicated for users using this platform. 

Thank you very much! 

? See you in 2020! 

Now you know what our digital marketing requests are for 2020 we would just like to thank all of our clients for all of their continued support throughout 2019. 

Don’t forget if you need help increasing your website traffic in 2020 or want to achieve top-line sales growth then don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists today! 

We can’t wait to be a part of your business success in 2020!

What have you asked Santa for this year?  

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