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Boost Your Website Traffic Through Impactful Content Writing

website content writing

Content writing forms the backbone of any marketing strategy. It aids in increasing the readership of your website and social media platforms. And, if your content interests the readers, there is a high probability for them to engage with your future business endeavours; thereby increasing sales and revenue. The website represents your company and if your website content writing is dull, unattractive and less informative, it becomes harder to engage with the audience.

As a matter of fact, you will lose sales/enquiries even though the products and services provided are great!

On the other hand, if your website content (such as blogs) is well written; it will earn more shares, likes, backlinks and gradually its credibility will increase among your target audience. There is a lot of bad content on the internet, and this bad content adversely impacts the customers as they gradually lose trust in your brand.

There are millions of users searching the internet about a myriad of different things, and they quickly skim over the sites and pause at ones that they think are useful. However, if your website content is not optimized as per their needs, they will quickly bounce off your website. Therefore, good content writing skills is a must! It is obviously acquired over time and experience but following the tips listed below on how to write content for the website will help you during the initial stage:

1) Know who you’re writing for

The first step is to recognize your primary and secondary audiences. For example, if you are engaged in website content writing for a finance firm, your primary audience will comprise of existing clients and your secondary audiences will be those that are outside of the immediate client group, but still make an effort to keep up with company announcements or events. The content should reach out to both these important audiences.

Audiences can also find your website content through popular paths like social media, emails and search engine results. In fact, optimising content for SEO purposes is essential to increase the visibility of your brand on the internet.

Using various keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, you can get an idea about relevant topics that your target audience is searching for. Write about those trending topics!

Enrich your website content writing by including popular keywords but remember not to overdo it. A content overloaded with keywords looks dubious to both readers and Google. Consequently, the conversion rate, SERPs rank and page views of your website will decrease. If your readers view it as low quality and less informative content; then they will tend to bounce off your site onto another website. Over time, this will not only reduce your brand authority in the sector but your website Domain Authority will also gradually decrease.

boosting website traffic

2) Quality of the content: Keep your content concise

This is because visitors might get frustrated at reading text-heavy and time-consuming content. Stay on the topic and try to incorporate new ideas within each new paragraph, so that it becomes easy for the readers to find specific information. Use bullet points and keep the sentences short and simple and always ensuring you always check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Use active voice as it helps create brief, expressive and reader-friendly sentences. It helps indirectly communicating the message, for instance, instead of saying, “it can be done,” use, “You can do it”. A simple and assertive change like this keeps the readers engaged. Passive voice can be used sometimes to share the background information or to highlight the cause and effect of a situation.

Do not plagiarize. Copying and pasting from other sources are unethical and your site will be penalized or even get removed from search engines. Come up with an original idea!

Website content writing is not only about text. You can include images, graphs, charts and other forms of multimedia in your content to make it easier to understand. People learn more from visuals, and the brain processes images faster than text. So, incorporate charts or graphics that are relevant and explains the content in a better way.

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3) Inverted pyramid structure

Organize the content of the website in an inverted pyramid structure by keeping the important information upfront. This ensures you capture the attention of the readers by providing them with the most important information first.

For instance, when writing a piece of website content; the impactful details should go at the beginning, to entice the reader. Simply using facts or statistics is a brilliant way to force the reader to ask questions, that can only be answered through reading the rest of the piece. Then the body text (the middle of the pyramid) should include the crucial and most important information such as stories, evidence, and quotes in order to entertain, yet inform the reader on the subject at hand.

Lastly, the end of the pyramid, more known as the ‘tail’ of the content. Any extra information, facts and details can be laid out here. Including the mentions of resources, other blogs or columns and related items that can close the piece of content successfully.

4) Make sure your content has the right Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

One of the main objectives behind website content writing is to convince the readers to click on your CTA which ultimately improves your marketing goals and ROI. Make the content so compelling that readers can’t help but click on the CTA link or button. If you have good content but no CTA, you will not be able to convert your visitors to customers!

While formulating a CTA; put yourself in the shoes of the reader and think about what it would take to persuade you to take action. Various forms of CTA can be included, such as download share a link, subscribing to a newsletter, make a purchase, etc.

boosting website traffic

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Whenever you cite or refer to another article or website, hyperlink the source. Acknowledging others work will help you gain backlinks to your website. The readers also get more knowledge from visiting the sources that are hyperlinked. Offering links and resources in the content also allows the readers to understand that the information you are offering is trustworthy and from reputable sources; therefore giving the content the chance to rank higher.

Website content writing is important in increasing the presence of the brand over the internet. A good marketing strategy always includes well-optimized content. And, through this content, you can provide relevant information about your products and services to a new or existing audience.

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  1. This is really an informative post, I would like to say content is a king for boosting website traffic and brand identity. Thanks for sharing. Good job keep share more!

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