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AdWords Ad Extensions Update: Automatic Sitelink Extensions, Removal of Social Extensions and Extra Structured Snippets

This blog post explores some important changes to some AdWords Ad Extensions that advertisers should be following.

Dynamic Sitelink Extensions Costing Advertisers Money

Automated/dynamic Sitelink Extensions aren’t brand new, but some advertisers are finding out within the Automated Extensions Report, that they are paying money for clicks on unwanted Sitelinks that lead to poor performing landing pages.

You can always opt out or even opt back into Dynamic Sitelinks here. However, they can play a part in Ad Rank so the suggested action would be to create you own as that way you know exactly where users will be directed to. If you are unsure your Google Adwords Management Agency can do this for you.

I’ve recently written a blog post explaining more about Dynamic Sitelinks which you can see here.

Social Extensions are Going Away

You may or may not have noticed that you are no longer seeing the number of Google+ followers that your business has in your AdWords ads. This is because Google have recently retired the use of Social Extensions in Ads on Google Search and Search Partners.

Social Extensions are automatic AdWords Ad Extensions, and since the 10th December 2015 (when Google made the change) advertisers may have seen a slight drop in Click-Through Rate.

As you may know, though, there are plenty of other AdWords Ad Extensions that you can take advantage of and Google has encouraged users that they can highlight the same information in a Sitelink or Callout.

An Extra Structured Snippet?

Back in August Google introduced Structured Snippet Extensions. This allows you to show additional structured information below the ad. Since the release, advertisers have seen good improvements in Click-Through Rates, as just like Callout Extensions it allows you to include another line of valuable information in the ads.

AdWords Ad Extensions - Snippet Extensions

Google has recently published a message stating that you can now have 2 Structured Snippets showing in your ads – Which is great news!

“To help highlight additional aspects of the products and services you offer, we’re introducing a second line of structured information that can show with your text ads.”

Now, if you create 2 Structured Snippets they could both potentially show at the same time, including yet more information in your ads.

Just like all AdWords Ad Extensions they are not always eligible to show together, however the more you create the better the chance that Google will select the best combination of Ad Extensions to show in your ads.

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