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Tips for Better AdWords Sitelink Extensions

Using sitelink extensions are a must in any campaign. They add more value to your ads by providing additional links to specific relevant content that’s deeper within your site. Also, Google say that on average advertisers will be able to see increases of 30% in click-through-rate for their ads. Here are some tips for better AdWords Sitelink Extensions to help you make the most of them and improve user engagement.

AdWords Sitelink Extension Opportunities

Provide More Information

Not enough space to mention all of the information that you wanted to show? You can easily include anything that you have missed in a sitelink. This is including additional benefits and features of your business, which could give you an edge over your competitors.

Use a Call to Action

Include call to actions, e.g. ‘shop’ or ‘buy’. Instead of using a headline saying ‘Clutch Bags’, try using variations such as ‘Shop Clutch Bags’. These call to actions could have a huge impact on performance as they are hyperlinked underneath your ad’s text and stand out a lot.

Include Related Products

Include other products/services that you offer which are related to the search query. This helps show diversity of your products or services.

Build Trust

People want to know how good your company is before they ‘convert’. Build trust with the user by promoting any of these pages on your site:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Affinity partners
  • Certifications
  • Awards

Give Direction

Give the user a direction of what you offer on your site when they’re matching with your broader keywords. E.g. if they’ve typed in ‘shoes’ then you might want to have sitelinks for all the different types of shoes that you sell. This, in a way, is helping the user make a decision. Make sure you aren’t just setting and forgetting your sitelinks. Use the data that AdWords gives you to optimise them and I’m sure you will see the rewards in performance.

Feel free to ask your AdWords Management questions or share any tips that you use for your sitelinks below.Speak with a SpecialistLearn AdWords with a Pro

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