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AdWords Callout Extensions

Early September, Google introduced a new feature called AdWords Callout Extensions. It allows you to highlight specific information about your services/products through an extra line of text in the ad.

Callout Extensions


This extension is very similar to sitelinks, just without the link to the alternative page. The second difference is that you can create Callouts at account level, which is a lot less time consuming for large accounts.

Your ad is the first thing a user will see before landing on your site but sometimes the space that AdWords gives you isn’t enough to fit in everything that you want. Using this new extension will allow you to fit more vital information in your ad, which could give you an edge over your competitors. You can create Callouts for anything that you wish to highlight without having the need to have a relevant landing page for the users to land on although you must have at least two created for them to show.

We feel that Callouts are definitely worth using as you get to show more information in your ad for FREE. They help the information stand out more and increase click through rates.

How to Setup AdWords Callout Extensions

You have to set Callout Extensions up using the online editor as the feature hasn’t yet been rolled out to the offline AdWords Editor.

It’s simple to do though:

  • Go to the ‘Ad Extensions tab’
  • Under ‘View’, select ‘Callout Extensions’
  • Choose between account, campaign or ad group level
  • Click on ‘+Extension’ followed by ‘New Callout’
  • Enter the text and here you can edit mobile preference and scheduling

If you need a hand or have any questions relating to this or any other aspect of your AdWords Management, just comment below.

Also see: Google’s help file on AdWords Callout Extensions.Speak with a SpecialistLearn AdWords With a Pro

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