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What Does Liking a Tweet Mean?

A Twitter Guide

Twitter has very few features, one of the elements which makes it so attractive as a Social Platform. One of the most frequently used features is the Like button. But what does liking a tweet mean?

Explore These 8 Meanings of a Twitter Like

I read your tweet

Oft-used in this brevity-laden environment, a Twitter Like could simply mean “I read that”.

I agree, wholeheartedly

Without going to the effort of an unnecessary, full-on, considered, 140 character tweet saying as much, a Like could mean “I agree with your point.”

I’ve queued your tweet up to read later

Some clever folk have devised a method of Liking tweets that they can go back to and read later. Seems a neat idea at first, but does limit other uses of the Like button.

I want your attention

Sadly, as with any function on Social Media, those nasty spammers have to abuse it. Like-bombing seems to be another of those functions which is quick enough to be attractive to those seeking attention rather than seeking to engage in conversation.

You’ll find the worst culprits Liking reams of tweets in the desperate quest for relationships without realising that more investment is required in conversation to build worthwhile connections and respect.

My Like triggered some app to do something clever

There are a number of apps such as Zapier and IFTTT that can integrate with Twitter to perform processes based on activity.

A Twitter Like can be added to a Google Sheet, an RSS feed or even populate your Contact Management system, for example.

Acknowledgement that I saw your reply

At the end of a series of tweets (oooh, look! A conversation!) a Like could mean “we’ve finished the conversation. I’ll just Like your last tweet to avoid the Twitter version of, ‘You hang up. No, you hang up.'”

Thank you

You just shared something helpful, funny, witty or all three. Or none of those. The Liker (I just invented that) is just saying “Thanks. I appreciate what you said or shared.”

Good One!

During hashtag games like #5WaysToRuinADate or #CurrySongs, those monitoring the hashtag might use the Like button to convey “snerk. That’s a good one!”. Slightly less grandiose a gesture than a retweet, but still flatters the ego of the Tweeter.

Things to Bear in Mind When Liking a Tweet

Your Likes Are Public

When you Like a tweet it has an impact and can show up in your followers’ news feed, and they are also visible in a dedicated section of your profile for all to see. You might want to think twice about Liking those lingerie tweets, guys!


The Like is notified of your action too, as are other users mentioned in the tweet and the original tweeter if the tweet is a retweet.

You’ll often find that Friday mornings are a notification fest, whilst users pitch gratitude-filled Follow Friday (#ff) mentions to multiple users in a single tweet, which get multiple replies and Likes as they work their way around the group.

Be careful not to over-Like. Well-intended notifications can make you appear more stalker than flatterer.

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