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How to Use Instagram Ads

In this show, Mark Tillison is joined by Pay Per Click Specialist Perry Richardson to explain how to use Instagram Ads.

Takeaways from this video:

How do we set up Instagram Ads?

01:59 – Instagram Ads are set up in the Facebook editor and are effectively are a placement in Facebook. Set up your campaign object and your targeting criteria and then you are asked where you would like your ads to show. This is where Instagram has been added alongside Facebook, desktop and newsfeed as well as the mobile newsfeed and the mobile network.

It is advisable to segment each placement into its own campaign as each has different behaviours. This also makes it easier to monitor them and plan budgets.

What Targeting Criteria to Use for Instagram Ads

6:03 – All of the targeting for Instagram is the same as Facebook. What you presented with first is your demographics (location, gender, language etc) and then it moves on to you more detailed targeting. What you do here is be more specific with things like interest categories, employers, employee etc. Then it is all about the testing of these different targeting methods to work out which one performs best.

Which Instagram Ad Formats Work Best?

08:01 – There are video ads on Instagram which we haven’t used yet but are currently looking to test. The types of ads that we have used are the standard image ad and carousel ads.

The standard image ad has just one image and the carousel ad allows for multiple images in one ad, up two five images of specific items with a profile picture at the end as well.

Which ad works best depends on your campaign but we have seen better results with the campaign ads as they are more interactive.

What you can expect to achieve with Instagram ads and how to measure it

10:08 – With social media PPC advertising we are interrupting people and targeting an audience that might want to buy, unlike search where they are looking for a product. So what can we realistically expect to achieve with Instagram ads?

The click through rate isn’t as high as it is on Google because people aren’t directly searching for something on Instagram. The onsite behaviour in Instagram differs too.

Where Instagram is mainly used for branding people aren’t necessarily going to buy a product there and then. A lot of users will browse Instagram, whilst commuting for example, and then get home and re visit the website on desktop and convert.

Although the Instagram ad may not result in a sale it will increase brand awareness and increase organic traffic to the website.

How to Measure Success With Instagram Ads

12:59 – The metric that you should be measuring depends on the goal for your campaign. If it is website clicks you want to be looking at how many clicks you have got, the cost per click and the click through rate.

You can see all of the required metrics in Facebook as well as the number of clicks, and the comments on your ad.

If you tag all of the URL within the campaign it will allow you to see all of the data in Google analytics, so we can see on the onsite behaviour. Where we can see if someone has clicked on and Instagram ad and then gone and bought from the website at a later date.

A large percentage of the ad interaction is on mobile so it is important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly to grab a few more of those direct sales.

If you have an Instagram ads question then please ask them in the comments and we will do our best to help you.Speak with a SpecialistOur Social Media PPC Services

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