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Update Your Google My Business Listing With 4 New Attributes

As the world begins to adjust to the ‘new normal’, Google My Business has been updated. There are now four new attributes that you can add to your listings:

  • Online care
  • Online appointments
  • Online estimates
  • Online classes

These appear in business knowledge panels on the SERPs and as part of your listing in local packs.

The attributes reflect the change in behaviour that has come about as a result of COVID-19. Google My Business attributes have traditionally been tailored more towards customers planning to visit a location in person – for example, highlighting outdoor seating and WiFi. However, the platform is recognising that times have changed and more people have turned to online services after the issuing of lockdowns.

Like other attributes, the new ones are not available to every business. Their availability depends on what category your business is listed under. For instance, medical listings have access to the ‘online care’ attribute, while education listings can use ‘online classes’.

Google My Business is incredibly important when it comes to local SEO. The search engine ranks local businesses by assessing their proximity to the user, relevance and prominence. Optimising your listing and keeping it up to date dramatically increases your chances of appearing in the local pack, thus boosting your local online presence.

How do I add attributes to my Google My Business listing?

  1. Sign into Google My Business
  2. Open the correct location
  3. Click Info
  4. Find ‘Add Attributes’ and click Edit
  5. Update your attributes and click Apply

Will these new attributes be a benefit to your business, or are there other ones that would be more useful? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TeamTillison – we’d love to hear from you.

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