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Twitter Chats for Health, Food and Wellbeing

The following list of Twitter Chats for Health, Food and Wellbeing is just one small section of the HUGE list of Twitter Chats for every county and town across the UK and for a diverse range of topics, interests, pastimes and passions.

For a full description of what Twitter Chats are and how to get the most from them, read How to Get the Most from Twitter Chats. For amends, suggestions and removals of defunct Twitter Chats, please use the comments box at the bottom of the post or Tweet @Tillison.

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Twitter Chats for Health, Food and Wellbeing

#AbleHour Thursdays 8-9pm by @AbleHour

#AcupunctureHour Mondays 730-830pm by @AcuHour

#AsbestosChat first and third Tuesday of each month 5-6pm by @Linda_Adao and @DavidCant

#BakersHour Wednesdays 9-10pm by @SheWhoBakes1

#BePositiveHour Daily 3-4pm by @BePositiveHour

#CakeClubHour Fridays 3-4pm by @CakeClubHour

#CareChat 8-9pm ET 1st and 3rd Sundays by @CareGiving

#CareHour Wednesdays 2-3pm by @CollectivePurch

#ChildcareHour Tuesdays 830-930pm by @ChildcareHour

#ChilliHour 3rd Monday of each Month 9-10pm by @ChilliBobs

#CreamTeaHour Fridays 8-9pm by@CreamTeaHour

#DentalHour Mondays 7-8pm by @DentalHour

#DietHour Sundays 11am-12pm by @DietHour

#FdBloggers Thursdays 8-9pm by @FdBloggers

#FoodieChats Mondays 8-9pm ET by @SteveGOgreen

#FoodHour Tuesdays 8-9pm by @foodhour

#HolHealthHour Mondays 9-10pm by @HolHealthHour

#MakersHour Wednesdays 8-9pm by @GuildOfMakers

#MBlogChat (Mummy Bloggers) Fridays 8-9pm by @mummy_bloggers

#UKGiftHour  Saturdays & Sundays 9-10am by @UKGiftHour

#MindfulMonday Mondays 9-11pm by @DanielleSerpico

#MummiesHour Tuesdays 10-11am by @MummiesHour

#MummyPagesChat Weekdays 1030-1130am, Tuesdays 9pm-10pm by @MummyPages

#NHShour Mondays 7-8pm by @NHShour

#NurChat Every Second Tuesday 8-9pm by @NurChat

#OCDTalkHour Wednesdays 7-8pm by @LilyBaileyUK

#OptometryHour Mondays 7-8pm by @OptometryHour

#PBloggers (Parent Bloggers) Sundays 9-10pm by @pbloggersnet

#PharmacyHour Mondays 7-8pm by @PharmacyHour

#PNDHour (Post Natal Depression) Wednesdays 8-9pm by @PNDandMe

#PPNChat (Pre/Post Natal Chat) second Tuesday of the month by @ClaireMockridge and @PilateswPriya

#PregnancyHour Tuesdays 8-9pm by @Pregnancyhour

#RDUK (Registered Dietitians) First Monday of the month 8-9pm by @RDUKChat

#ReflexologyHour First Wednesday of the Month 9-10pm by@reflexologyhour

#SocialCareHour Wednesdays 8-9pm by @SocialCareHour

#SpoonieSpeak Fridays 7-8pm by @SpoonieSpeak

#tbshsellershour Wednesdays 8-9pm by @BritishCrafting

#TeaHour Wednesdays and Sundays 8-9pm by @UKRunChat

#UKRunChat Wednesdays and Sundays 8-9pm by @UKRunChat

#UkTriChat Mondays 8-9pm by @UkTriChat

#VeganHour Tuesdays 7-8pm by @VeganHour

#VeggieHour First Thursday of each Month 1-2pm by @VeggieHour

Add Your Own Twitter Chats for Health, Food and Wellbeing

Did we miss a Twitter Chat? Add yours in the comments and we’ll keep this list up to date.

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