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How to Set Up Remarketing with Google Analytics

Now the easiest way to set up remarketing audiences for Adwords, this post explains how to set up remarketing with Google Analytics.

Step by Step Guide

The following is an easy step by step guide to doing this.

  1. Link your Google Analytics account to your Adwords account.
  2. Define the audiences that you want to remarket to. You may just wish to show your ads to everyone, so will need an All Users audience. If you are being smart and have enough traffic, you should create more tightly targeted audiences. You can use audiences that have signed up for a newsletter, visitors to certain sections of your website, visitors who have put something in the basket but have not purchased or maybe the users who are most engaged with your site, i.e. they have read a certain number of pages and stayed on the site for a defined amount of time.
  3. From Analytics, select the property that you are creating the audience for and click Audience Definitions.
  4. Click Audiences and + New Audience.
  5. Follow the on screen prompts from here, using the correct Adwords account and naming the audience (something helpful that will mean something later!). This will be automatically be populated into that Adwords account and you won’t be able to rename it from there.
  6. The audience will start to build up from this point and you will be able to use it in your Adwords account as soon as the audience has enough users to qualify.

Example of Analytics Remarketing Audiences

analytics remarketing

Analytics Remarketing Factors to Consider

  • Adwords remarketing ads will only show to an audience over a certain size. This is nominally 100 users for Display campaigns, but they have to be active users, so practically you’ll need more like 150. For AdWords Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), you’ll need 1,000 active users.
  • You can increase the length of time that a user stays in your audience, from the default of 30 days, but this is dependent on cookie lifetime, so doesn’t tend to make a huge difference.
  • Be creative with your audiences. Create any that you think you may be able to use in the future. Analytics gives you an estimate of how many people have joined that audience in the past week. Multiply it by 4 and see if it is near 100. If so, it’s an audience that you may be able to use in due course.

Happy remarketing!

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