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How to use Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences - Tillison Consulting

Facebook Custom Audiences allow you to target customers that you already know with PPC Ads on Facebook.

The ways to target this are through:

  • A list of email addresses
  • List or phone numbers of 100 people minimum
  • People that visit your website
  • People that use your mobile app

These Facebook custom audiences are a very powerful tool for your PPC Management and are a very specific way to target your ads.  The ads reach people you know have a direct interaction with your website/product already.

For example, if  you wanted to target all people who have visited your website (similar to your AdWords management remarketing method) you would put a Facebook pixel on the website and then you can show PPC ads to all these people who have previously been on the site. Another way is showing ads to people on your email list for the business, again these are much more valuable targeting methods than generic ads.

How to set up a custom audience campaign is really easy:

  • Login to your Facebook ads account
  • Click on “audiences”
  • Click on “create custom audience”
  • Then choose between “customer list” “website traffic” or “app activity”
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Add the Facebook pixel to all pages on your site (website traffic)
  • Import/upload your files (customer list)
  • Create a list of people who have carried out specific activities (app activity)
  • Wait for the list to build to 100 people/be approved then you are good to use this in the targeting options for your Facebook PPC campaigns

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