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Google Page Layout Algorithm Update Penalises Ads Above The Fold


A little while ago Google announced that they were making a change to their page layout algorithm. It’s point is to target and even penalise websites that have lots of ads above the fold and not much content. This is one of many algorithm updates that Google implements ot make imp[roements to their service.

Why are Google doing this?

The reason they have done this is simply because most people who visit sites that have lots of ads above the fold, with little in the way of actual content, consider it a bad user experience. Google is trying to put more value on good user experiences when ranking websites, although Matt Cutt’s has said the algorithm change will noticeably affect less than 1% of searches globally.

What changes can be made to avoid these penalties?

The best way to make sure that your website is not penalised by the update is to make sure your content above the fold is easy to see and read and it’s not being blocked by ads. This can be done by simply rearranging the layout of your website by moving ads to more appropriate places. No need to worry if Google has already crawled your site and found faults because if you make the appropriate changes to you site, Google will reflect the changes when it crawls your site again. Google has said it normally takes several weeks to do this.

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