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Google My Business Updated With Search Results Data

Google My Business Updated With Search Results Data

Google My Business has released a new update to serve businesses with much more search results data. It aims to inform businesses how many people have contacted them via their listing so you can track how it’s performing.

Insights are being added to interactions so listing owners can see how often people have contacted them after seeing their profile. You’ll also be able to find out how many searchers have seen your listing in their search results.

You can view this report by heading to your business profile, selecting Promote and then Performance. At the top of the page you can choose a date range for your report and click Apply. Alternatively, you can head to business.google.com/locations.

At the same time, Google has announced that the maximum video file size for Google My Business has been reduced. Instead of 100MB, videos can now only be up to 75MB. No explanation for this change has been released by Google.

That’s not all, though. Here are more updates coming from Google My Business in the near future for us to look forward to:

  • Changes to Google Maps reporting mean there’s more data that’s available for up to six months, so you can review your performance
  • Google My Business is going to get a time-frame features, so you can view data from seven to 30 days
  • A call history feature in the Google My Business app means that you can view your call history from answered and missed calls for 45 days

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a fantastic free tool for local businesses that helps with local SEO. Businesses use it as a place to show information about their business such as; address, phone number and business hours. This feature makes your business easily accessible. You can also add reviews to your listing, gaining customers’ trust.

Optimise your listing

The Google My Business listing is great for SEO purposes. Optimise your listing and update it regularly to increase your ranking.

The free listing can also be used as a tool that attracts users to your website. You can add reviews, an introduction, receive messages and also link your social profiles. So make the most of the new search data available and add information to your listing.

Does your business have a Google My Business account? Let us know in the comments or tweet us if you have used the new update and if you find it useful.

Optimise Your Google Business Profile

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