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Google My Business Launches New Tool To Manage Your Reviews

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Another day, another new helpful tool for Google My Business. The latest feature added to its Help Centre platform means that you can now view the status of reviews that you have flagged a report against in a more streamlined and organised way.

How to use the new tool to manage your Google My Business reviews

The new tool, available to use now, is very simple to navigate. You can see the status of a review from a selected Business Profile that you’ve previously escalated. The tool also allows you to report a new review to be taken down.

If you opt to report a review then a table of all the reviews submitted for your business will appear in chronological order. These can then be viewed in Google Maps or you can request a takedown.

manage your google my business reviews

If you choose to view the status of reviews that you’ve already escalated for a takedown, then these will be listed in a similar way.

Source: Search Engine Land

Here you can select a reported review to see more information. If Google has not accepted your request for a takedown, you can submit a one-time appeal for a second assessment.

Source: Search Engine Land

The limitations

What has been noticed is that the tool is limited to Google My Business accounts with a small number of listings. We were unable to use the feature with our Team Tillison account due to the number of listings we manage.

Limits on Google My Business profiles


While it has its limitations in terms of the number of listings it can manage, previously the review process was nowhere near as organised as this. This is a tool introduced by Google that you will find useful if you’re frequently flagging multiple reviews. It’s helpful if you, or someone you know, is rushing to remove a negative review.

What do you think about this new tool? Will you be using it? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TeamTillison.

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