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Brighton SEO – What Did We Learn?

We were lucky enough to have made it to Brighton SEO again this year and well, what a day it was! The bi-annual conference which brings together the digital marketing industry’s top minds has outdone itself as usual. Featuring over 80 speakers from leading companies and business and housing 8 Stages and around 4000 attendees it was no small affair.

Not everybody gets to attend a conference which was infused with so much creativity, innovation and genuine love for the work we are all doing. The digital marketing industry is blessed to have such an event and we at Tillison are very lucky to have it virtually on our doorstep. For some of us, it was our first Brighton SEO conference, for others they have been before and love it still. Let’s see what some of us had to say about their experience:


Having experienced both attending and showcasing at exhibitions prior to BrightonSEO, Josh felt as though he knew what to expect when arriving at the venue, how wrong he was.

A whole completely different vibe to what I became accustomed to from previous expo’s, where individuals constantly look to sell you their services or try their hardest to showcase their expertise within their field in every conversation. BrightonSEO was a relaxed, friendly and energetic place to be, which makes sense as even though some individuals may be competitors who attended, realistically we are all one great team of search engine optimisers trying our best to share knowledge against the battle with Google and their search algorithms.

One key take away for me personally was the combat medical and financial companies are currently facing with the recent medic update. A great talk hosted by Steve Haynes in which he shared information that allows companies to bounce back from their recent decline in search engine results due to this pesky update. Primarily focusing on the E-A-T concept in which those companies that are struggling can work their way to the light at the end of the SERP tunnel by providing expert, authoritative and trustworthy content.

Since attending Brighton SEO Josh has been able to really get to work on implementing into his work thing she learnt from his time there. Brighton SEO has definitely been one of his career highlights and is eagerly awaiting attending again in the future.


New to the world of conferences and exhibitions Connor was really unsure of what to expect. Luckily he found it “inspiring and packed full of things to take away.” What else did he have to say?

Since joining Tillison I have been slowly opening myself up to the world of Digital PR as I work on growing the Tillison brand. brighton SEO was packed full of incredible speakers who are all successful in the field of PR. I’ve been able to learn from the best of the best and apply these findings to my own work, this is something I would never have been able to obtain anywhere else but Brighton SEO.

I was also fortunate enough to attend talks around content writing and social media strategy. Finding out that there are easier ways to reach the same goal has lifted a weight of my shoulders while giving me more time to focus on the quality and planning of my work. What Brighton SEO does best is 2 things: Re-affirming everyhting you already know and giving you a massive confidence boost while also inspiring you to try a million other ways to develop yourself.

Connor says that Brighton SEO has been an “incredibly useful and enjoyable day which I feel honoured to have been able to attend”. He goes on to say that if you’re considering it in the future there’s only one valid option – “Not to miss out!”


This was her first ever Brighton SEO and she described it as “An enjoyable event – thoroughly exceeded all my expectations” let’s take a look at what else soak away from the conference:

Unsure what to expect, the volume of people and the buzz in the Brighton Centre was magical and something that can only be experienced in person. An eye opening experience, it was comforting to know that there are people in the same position as me, all around the world, experiencing the same challenges within their job.

From the fact that simple is key, as highlighted by the keynote speaker Dave Trott, to the need to create exciting supporting content from the passionate speaker, Alex Jones, I’ve absorbed so much to inject back into my work.

By remembering to think outside of the box and to put the reader of the campaign first at all times, I can continue to create appealing and engaging campaigns on behalf of my clients.

Confirming her skills and understanding, she has come away from Brighton SEO with some additional tips to remember throughout her day to day routine.

We’re back and more ready than ever to help you with your SEO queries. If you’d like a free SEO audit, discussion or help, than our friendly and expert team are on call to give you the peace of mind you need. You can of course get in touch or let us know in the comments if you have any specific SEO related questions. 

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