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Team Tillison Are Returning To Brighton SEO!

4 Things We Learned at brightonSEO - Tillison Consulting

For those of you unaware what Brighton SEO is, wonder no further. Put very simply, Brighton SEO is the conference for anybody working in the field of SEO or Digital Marketing. Held twice a year and featuring talks from industry experts, training events, fringe events and even a Yoga session, it’s surely not a day which will disappoint. With tickets selling out fast we are lucky enough to be amoung of the 4000 fortunate people to attend. 

Some of our team at Tillison, as well as the MD Mark, will be jumping on the train down to the Brighton Centre to soak up as much SEO knowledge as humanly possible. For some of us going, this will be their first time at Brighton SEO and even a conference of this size. We’ve all been busy planning our day to ensure we make it to every talk or event we want to be at – which is proving harder than expected.

What are we most looking forward to at Brighton SEO?

We’ve asked our attendees just what exactly they are looking forward to most about Brighton SEO. Here’s what they had to say:


Mostly, I love getting deep into technical SEO problems and solutions – mainly because there are usually so many different opinions and solutions to the same problem. Let me rephrase that – I love the end of that process. The beginning and the middle can be incredibly taxing and frustrating!

For me, Having our solution to a painful, complicated techincal SEO problem validated by someone who’s been through the same pain, analysis and solved it the same way is an awesome experience and validates our thinking. It’s so easy to get stuck in your own bubble and opinion with SEO, that I find this invaluable.

Alongside that, we’ve a critical eye on the future of SEO, so I’ll enjoy heading to sessions on what (the industry thinks) is coming next for SEO in 2019-2021. You’ll also find me geeking out in sessions on Googlebot behaviour, and what the future has in store for Link-Building and Outreach along with Digital PR, which is an especially high-growth area of SEO.


What I am most excited about when going to Brighton SEO is learning and broadening my content and SEO Skills.

New to the technical world of Search Engine optimisation and the Tillison team, I am excited to come away with insider knowledge on how best to improve my outreach and link building experience. As well as making my content strategy the best that it physically can be.

By listening to the professionals giving their talks and by attending Brighton SEO for myself, I can listen and learn about upcoming trends within the marketing world, helping me to achieve the best results possible.


Currently being situated early within my career of technical SEO, I am excited for all the possible learning avenues Brighton SEO will throw at me with their conferences on the day. I am particularly looking forward to the Structured Data talk, which will focus on what’s new and the process of implementing current and new features.

I have always considered structured data to be of great importance when thinking about an SEO strategy as you are able to promote the value of a webpage within SERP results in a bid to increase the CTR.

This will also be my first SEO specific exhibition, so networking and sharing knowledge with like-minded individuals whilst gaining as much knowledge as possible will be my main priority and this is what excites me, constant growth.


For me, this will be my first conference so I am just excited to experience the buzz and energy of the event. I’m sure there will be many opportunities to learn new things and hear innovative ideas.

I am struggling to create a schedule of the talks I want to attend. However, this is because there just are too many I’d love to be at but only one of me – I’m sure I can figure something out.

I’m hoping to make the most of the day and soak up everything I can while hopefully broadening my horizons to new ways of thinking creatively. I’ve already heard great things from the members of the team who were at the last Brighton SEO event.

Are you going to be going to Brighton SEO aswell? let us know in the comments and we will make sure we come and say hi. For anything SEO you can rely on our team of skilled professionals to get the best results for you, feel free to get in touch to find out exactly how we help you out. 

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